Postermywall: The Easy Destination For Your Graphics Projects


Postermywall is one of the leading names in the world of graphics. We all live in a world of competition and in such a world, graphics play a crucial role. The marketing campaigns of various brands are making use of graphics including videos, posters, and presentations.

However, here money becomes a limitation for small businessmen. Bigger business ventures with larger budgets are hiring more famous graphics designers and thus are leading the market. Herein comes the importance of PosterMyWall. If you wish to learn more about this graphic platform, then this article will be the perfect place for you. 

How It All Started

Back in 2009, Rick Goell and Jaffer Haider joined hands to establish this application. The aim of this project was to provide cost-efficient high-quality graphics to startups and small businesses. The founders are still helming the platform and working on adding new features to it. 

How It All Started

Accessing PosterMyWall

You can use this platform from any compatible web browser. The steps to create designs with templates are as follows on this platform:

  • Visit
  • Click on the ‚ÄėCreate a Design‚Äô option in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on ‚ÄėBrowse Templates‚Äô.
  • Select the template type of your choice.
  • You will see some template samples on the screen. Pick a preferable sample.¬†
  • Bring the cursor on the template of your choice and click on ‚ÄėEdit template‚Äô.¬†
  • From the new button select the ‚ÄėCustomizable Template‚Äô option.¬†
  • Make necessary changes to the template.
  • Once complete, save and download it.¬†


Accessing PosterMyWall

  • Multi-platform Access

PosterMyWall allows you to create templates for various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. What is more interesting is that creating flyers and posters is free here. Moreover, if you download your work in basic quality, then that too is free. For standard and high-quality downloads, you need to pay a certain charge. 

  • Huge Reservoir Of Templates

This platform has a huge number of templates for you to choose from. You can access more than 170,000 templates on this platform. Moreover, many of them are also free to use. Therefore, it is the perfect place for you to create your own poster and banner templates. 

  • Pricing

If you are looking to create templates for your personal use, then there is no need to take any subscription. The free version will be enough for your purpose. However, if you are into a business and want to use this platform for that purpose, then you should go for a subscription. The details of the available subscriptions are given below:

PREMIUM $9.95 USD / month $99.95 USD / year
PREMIUM PLUS $29.95 USD / month $319.95 USD / year



  • Allows Collaboration

There is an option for collaboration on the top right corner of the platform’s screen. Using this option you can add your team members and can work through collaboration on the projects at hand. 

  • High-Quality Video

The platform also allows you to create 4k promotional videos. However, if you wish to create unlimited such videos, you will need the Premium Plus subscription. On the other hand, you will have to pay $14.95 USD/ per video to export HD and 4K videos on the free plan. 


Concluding Lines 

After going through all the features and details, it seems that this is a great option for working with graphics and that too at a low cost. Therefore, go and check it out fast. 


1. Is PosterMyWall free to use?

Yes. It has a free plan with limited access to various services. 

2. Is there any subscription on this platform?

Yes. There are Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. 

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