How to Use White Eyeliner? The Popular Waterline Trend Looks

White eyeliner looks are the new trend that is sweeping the makeup industry. Read this article to know everything about this new Waterline trend in detail.

White Eyeliner

If you take a look at the makeup trend on Instagram, then you would know that white eyeliner has become very popular. We know that the world of fashion is an ever-dynamic one. That is why new trends keep popping up every now and then. Especially when it comes to makeup, there are so many trends that have stormed the internet and social media. One such active trend is the use of eyeliner in white shades. 

To be very precise, this white shade in eyeliner is applied unusually in a bold wing. In fact, you can see various influencers and celebrities steering this new trend. Moreover, in the Pose Season two promos, you can also see the use of this eyeliner. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this new trend in makeup, then this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know everything about trendy white eyeliner looks. 

What Is So Special About White Eyeliner?

If you are aware of the recent scenario in makeup trends, you would definitely know that recently, the graphic eyeliners inspired by the ‘60s, are having a boost. However, the most used shades till now have been creamy pastels and bright neon. Therefore, here white is a sharp yet refreshing contrast. If you ask me the reason, then let me remind you that white means the absence of any colour. Therefore, it would not be wrong to address it as an anti-eyeliner. 

What Is So Special About White Eyeliner?

However, it is this neutral nature of the colour white that makes this eyeliner a little more approachable. When you opt for this eyeliner, you will have no reason to get worried about matching your outfit or other makeup. A white eyeliner pencil will enable you to craft a graphic and crisp look, similar to the effect produced by a white shirt. Moreover, if you have a safe summer tan, then the colour will really pop. 

This type of eyeliner works greatly with someone who has a cat eye down pat. Moreover, if you are afraid of putting colour on your eyes, then also this is the right thing, to begin with. It helps you switch up your makeup, without stepping much outside your comfort zone.

Way To Craft The Best White Eyeliner Looks

If you are looking for the best white eyeliner ideas, then you are at the right place. Many users of this eyeliner complained that the first time that they tried the colour, it did not seem great. However, makeup artists Naoko Scintu and Georgie Eisdell are here to guide you in getting the perfect look using this eyeliner. Here are some steps that they have mentioned for you:

Way To Craft The Best White Eyeliner Looks
Credit: Mind body green
  • The very first thing that the makeup experts opine on is the selection of a fully opaque liner, featuring a thin tip. This helps in crafting the graphic look more effectively. 
  • Next, the makeup artists emphasised the drawing of a clean and sharp line, so that the colour does not get into the lashes. Therefore, both of them suggest that you should use eyeliner before using mascara or before curling the lashes.
  • To keep the wings super sharp, you have to use a Q-tip or makeup brush dipped in makeup remover.
  • Applying a very fine line of black liner tight on the lash line will enable you to bring out eye shape effectively.
  • In addition, a liquid bronzer will also help you bolster this look. 


1. How to use white eyeliner effectively?

Follow the steps mentioned in the article to be able to use this type of eyeliner effectively. 

2. Is it easy to use white eyeliner?

It is not a very easy process and is a high-maintenance one. 

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