Bloxburg House Ideas 1 story: Top 10 Ideas

bloxburg house ideas 1 story

Bloxburg stands out as a beloved game on the renowned online gaming platform, Roblox. In this game, players can build and design their own houses, creating a virtual dream home. With so many options and possibilities, it can be overwhelming to come up with the perfect house design. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Bloxburg house ideas 1 story to help inspire your next build.

Cozy Cottage

Cozy cottage

This small bloxburg house idea is perfect for those looking for a cozy and quaint home. With a simple exterior and warm interior, this cottage is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Add some flower beds and a picket fence to complete the charming look.

Modern Mansion

Modern mansion

For those looking for a more luxurious home, this modern mansion is the perfect choice. With sleek lines and large windows, this house is both stylish and functional. Add a pool and a fancy car in the driveway to complete the look.

Rustic Retreat

Rustic retreat

Escape to the countryside with this rustic retreat. With a wooden exterior and cozy interior, this house is perfect for those who love the outdoors. Add a wrap-around porch and a fire pit in the backyard for the ultimate country living experience.

Beach House

Beach house

Bring the beach to Bloxburg with this beach house idea. With a bright and airy interior and a deck overlooking the ocean, this house is perfect for those who love the sun and sand. Add some beach chairs and a volleyball net for the ultimate beach experience.



For a unique and fun house idea, try building a treehouse in Bloxburg. With a wooden exterior and a rope ladder leading up to the house, this build is sure to impress. Add some hanging lanterns and a tire swing for a touch of whimsy.

One-Story Bungalow

One-story bungalow

This bloxburg house idea is perfect for those who prefer a one-story home. With a simple and functional design, this bungalow is great for those who want a low-maintenance house. Add a small garden and a rocking chair on the front porch for a cozy touch.

Victorian Mansion

Victorian mansion

For a more traditional and elegant home, try building a Victorian mansion in Bloxburg. With intricate details and a grand entrance, this house is sure to impress. Add a fountain and some topiaries in the front yard for a touch of sophistication.

Tiny House

Tiny house

For those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle, try building a tiny house in Bloxburg. With a small and efficient design, this house is perfect for those who want to downsize. Add a rooftop garden and solar panels for a sustainable touch.



For a grand and impressive build, try building a castle in Bloxburg. With towering walls and a drawbridge, this house is sure to make a statement. Add a moat and some knights in shining armor for a touch of fantasy.

Suburban Home

Suburban home

For a classic and timeless house design, try building a suburban home in Bloxburg. With a simple and functional layout, this house is perfect for families. Add a swing set and a BBQ in the backyard for some family fun.

With these top 10 Bloxburg house ideas 1 story, you’ll be sure to create a dream home that will impress your friends and fellow players. Which one will you try first? Let us know in the comments.

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