People Slams Both JMP The Label’s Founder Juliette Porter And Kelsey Owens For Various Reasons

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JMP the label has become one of the leading brands for bikinis and other swimwear. However, the Siesta Key star Juliette porter has faced numerous backlash from the customers. The customers feel that the swimwear of this company is too expensive. In fact, the customers and fans not only bashed Juliette alone but her enemy Kelsey Owens’ company as well for not delivering the products on time.

On this note, it’s also worth talking about the rivalry between the two individuals and their companies. On the second premiere of Siesta Key, fans saw both Juliette and Kelsey trash-talking each other’s competing swimwear line. Juliette and her ex-friend Owens both own their respective swimwear lines. Naturally, there’s a feeling of competition between the duo. In fact, both were racing to become the first company to launch. So, in the end, Juliette came out on top after she had gone live in March. 

Fans Are Bashing The JMP The Label’s Swimwear For Being Overly Expensive

Even though Juliette with her JMP The Label swimwear line has come out on top, she’s facing some trouble. So, the fans and the customers are calling her line ‘Too Expensive’. While it’s also true that the company has sold a lot of styles and sizes within minutes after launching. 

One of the fans even commented on the JMP The Label’s Instagram page, “Yikes…Jules your price…$80 for just a top? Your line is super cute but your prices…should not be sooo expensive.”

If we go to the website we will see a few tops and bottoms cost 80 dollars. That’s a whopping price for swimwear and people aren’t quite happy as well. Other people also commented that they had to pay 200 dollars for the one-piece they liked. Naturally, he expressed his sadness and bewilderment over the insanely expensive lines. However, nobody is complaining about the designs and styles. In fact, people are finding them super cool and cute. However, the prices of JMP The Label seem to be a bummer. 

The most expensive swimwears are the one-piece bathing suit. As per the info, they are about 215 dollars apiece. 

Kesley’s Swimwear Line Too Faced A Lot Of Criticisms From The Buyers

Juliette with her swimwear line JMP The Label came out on top in terms of launching date. As for Kesley, she launched her own company on 19th May. So, a lot of buyers and the fans pre-ordered her four looks in the month of Jan. However, a section of fans weren’t pleased. As per the reports they had to wait a long time to receive the product. 

One of the buyers said, “I have a question…you said you wanted your swimsuit line out before Juliette’s but you have people waiting 4-5 months. I think you jumped the gun & made a mistake on that. I wouldn’t wait that long.”

There were numerous other buyers and fans who disliked the fact that they had to wait for about 4-5months to receive the swimwear. However, it’s also true that they praised Kelsey for keeping the swimwear affordable. For example, some of the swimsuit pieces are available at 58 dollars. 

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that Kelsey started her business by selling hats and sweaters. However, she filed for a business license for The Kelsey Owens Swimline in 2018, on 14th September. 

The Rivals Are Not In Good Terms With Each Other

On a side note, both Juliette and Kesley are not on good terms. The feud began when Kelsey warned Sam, Juliette’s boyfriend about her ‘intentions’. In fact, Kelsey also claimed that it was her who came up with the bathing suit/swimwear line idea first.

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