First Thing to Do After Getting the New OnePlus 7

New OnePlus 7

Congratulations on your new OnePlus 7! You have good taste, I must say. Now you have this awesome gadget, enhance it with some new tweaks and tricks.

The OnePlus 7 is an impressive device that offers rich features and a top-notch flagship experience at an affordable price. What all you need!

It is a super-powered smartphone which has lots of features to offer you. It looks premium and has some tweaks that can make your phone exactly the way you want.

You have got one branded premium phone, and you are amazed at the boatload of features this smartphone offers. You are not the one. Many have this OnePlus 7, and they are not using all the handy features that can redefine the experience. Therefore we have compiled some settings or things that can completely change your OnePlus smartphone experience. 

Get a Screen Protector & Phone Case:

OnePlus smartphones are generous to provide a plastic screen guard within the box. You can, however, upgrade them with an optional glass screen protector. But the glass screen protector has a higher resistance to scratches and accidental drops. It absorbs the thrash jolt that transforms into cracks. It is significantly best to replace rather than change the display.

If you have buttery fingers, then you surely need a back cover. OnePlus’ glass back looks premium but is slippery. If your hands are wet, then you might lose the phone back. To protect your back, either you can use the in-box phone case or get customized OnePlus 7 cases for girls. It is always good to experiment and make it the way you like rather than the old school type.

Test The Drop Protection:

Even if you have applied the screen protector and phone case you still have nightmares if your phone drops. Having a selfie camera on a nubbin is even more terrifying. OnePlus says that it is durable, but many people disagree.

The company has built a drop protection feature that retracts the popped camera when the OnePlus 7 accelerometer finds that the phone is falling. Try this feature in a safe environment. Drop it on a sofa or pillow so that you are sure the feature is working.

Tweak Ambient Display:

OnePlus 7 lacks always-on display mode. You can double-tap on-screen or when you pick up the phone you can look at what’s up. The ambient display has widgets like time, date, battery life, notifications, and fingerprint sensors at the bottom.

You can press the power button to bring it up to you. You can change the clock design or add a special message for you. For this:

Settings>Display> Ambient Display and change the settings you want.

Lose The Navigation Bar:

OnePlus features an OxygenOS system that has an optional gesture system and some solid alternatives. It is what makes OxygenOS different. Those who have used Android know the three-tier navigation bar that is tiring.

It is quite close to Apple’s gesture. You can swipe from the bottom to get back to the home screen. Also, if you hold the home button for a few seconds, you can toggle through many apps at one time. 

Also, it has a simplified navigation bar that is appealing. For this:

Go to Settings> Buttons> Gestures> Navigation Bar & Gestures. Try it out!

Be A Gaming Freak:

Are you a game fanatic who loves Candy Crush Saga? You will love your OnePlus 7 for that coz it has some unique gaming solutions. It has a DO not Disturb mode that blocks anything that pops up during your gaming session. It also enhances networks and disables the second SIM card to minimize interference. 

This Fnatic mode starts when you play games. For more gaming tweaks, you need to go to Settings, Utilities (Answering calls via speaker), and feedback in certain games.

Try Quick Launch:

The OnePlus 7 is one of the best phones to use. The Quick Launch Settings help you toggle between apps faster. It lets you half-dozen most used apps by thumbs down on fingerprint sensors. For this:

Settings> Utilities> Find Quick Launch Option.

Experience Zen:

OnePlus 7 Zen mode is something worth trying. It is truly radical. You get locked out of your phone except for receiving calls, snapping pics, and emergency calls.

It is when you want a break from your social media accounts. We are highly addicted to Facebook and Instagram. With this feature, you can take a break and spend quality time with your family and books. Zen mode can bring back your self-control and addiction.

Switch to Dark Theme:

OnePlus 7 has a Light Theme turned on. The AMOLED display is binding if you are using dark or underlined lightning conditions. Dark Theme eliminates stress on the eyes and saves your battery. At night it turns yellowish giving you better sleep. 

Open Settings> Display> Theme> Dark 

Turn Auto Face Unlock Off:

Face Unlock is the default verification method in the new OnePlus 7. Whenever you look at the phone it opens itself. It is a bit pestering whenever we just want to see the notifications and your phone unlocks every time. I have noticed many people turn off the face unlock feature.

Well, you can change this by disabling auto-unlock by default. Once you switch this off the phone will not open itself.

Settings> Security and Lock Screen> Face Unlock> Auto Unlock Once The Screen is On.

Customize Your Finger Print Lock:

Fingerprint display is there on the screen of OnePlus 7 phones. It has cool animations that are customizable. You can change the effect. 

Go to Settings> Security and Lock Screen> Fingerprint. You can pick swirling Cosmos effect, vibrating ripple, Circular pick-blue stripes, etc. To change the look when your phone unlocks. I think it’s a fun little tweak.

Loose 90Hz:

The 90Hz refresh rate is one of the best aspects of the OnePlus 7. It sucks the battery life of the phone. You can choose a 60Hz standard setting if you want your battery to last longer. 

This option is under Settings> Display. You can pick QHD+ resolution or lower it to Full HD+. You can also opt for an auto mode that works according to the efficiency and performance of the phone.

Hope girls, these tweaks work for you! Have a good day!