Best Outdoor Games For Your Kids

Outdoor Games

As parents, do you remember your childhood? It was all about finding excuses to get out and play football with your friends. Isn’t it? However, things have changed drastically in current times. Kids are either only playing indoor games or glued to their screens. The pandemic didn’t do them any favors either, as it only increased their screen time.

But everyone knows that increased screen time and reduced outdoor playtime are never good for a child. Children naturally thrive when they play outside because they learn natural skills in nature. Moreover, spending time jumping on a trampoline in the backyard or playing ball helps develop motor skills and social skills. So encourage your children to play outside with these few ideas for outdoor games.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek was one of the most popular games among children. You can play it both inside and outside; both are a lot of fun. In this game, one person counts to ten or a hundred while others find a place to hide. While the person is counting, others have to find a place to hide and be safe. After the counting is over, the person comes to find the hiding people and tags them. The best part about this game is that even two or three people can play it, so when you are home alone with your kid, engage them with this game.

Backyard slides

Buy a backyard slide and swing set from Lifespan Kids and place it in your backyard. It is one of the best ways to drag your kids outside, who will love swinging or sliding down in the backyard. Not only does it give them the means to enjoy the outdoors, but you can keep an eye on them from the room or kitchen. It will keep kids engaged for hours after school or during holidays and will be a hit among kids at parties.

Jumping up and down on the trampoline

If your kid is an only child, this is a perfect outdoor game as it doesn’t require company. Install a trampoline in your backyard; the kid can dance on it, jump on it, and enjoy it for hours. Again, no company requires it, but it will also be a fun game to indulge in when your child invites his friends over.

Capture the flag

Are you entertaining children at a party or having family over? Then this capture the flag game is a must, as it will engage the kids well. You need two pieces of fabric in different colors for this simple game. Now, divide the yard into two courts of the same size. Next, divide the kids into two teams and place a flag near the end of the court. The teams have to capture the other team’s flag; whoever captures it first wins, while if any team member gets tagged, they are out. Make it more difficult by introducing obstacles such as drums that they must jump over or cross, and so on.


SPUD is a fun game you and your child can play anytime. The object of this game is simple: one person throws the ball, and the other person tries to run away from the thrower. When the person throws the ball at you, the kid has to dodge the ball without moving his feet. But specific foam or softballs are needed for this to ensure no one hurts themselves. Here is how you can play SPUD with your kids.

Hungry snake

Find a jump rope for the kids to play this incredible outdoor game. The game goes on like this, a person stands in the center, known as the “snake.” Other kids gather around the snake. The snake will spin around while the jump rope is in his hand. Thus, the rope will move in a circular pattern. The other kids will have to hop over the rope; if the rope touches them, they will be out. It is a fun game that your kid can play with his friends or siblings.

These are a few games and activities you can do with your kids outdoors. They work well for parties or get-togethers too. Also, encouraging them to be outdoors will help with their overall development. 

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