The Emergence of a Comprehensive Online Consultation Portal with Doctors

Online Consultation
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The coronavirus pandemic led to immense pressure on the medical infrastructure in the country. Many healthcare service providers adopted the online consultation model to combat the demand.

Docsmart launches a healthcare portal for online doctor consultation to cater to the growing needs of the population. Multiple software exists in the market; however, they are all isolated and cater to only specific parts of the healthcare eco-systems.

Services Provided by Docsmart Provide

Docsmart is designed in view of the gaps in the existing format. The service aims to bridge the gap by linking various healthcare services under a single cloud-based platform. So, array of services is available to doctors on the Docsmart portal.

Services For Doctors

Doctors require timely access to several data to diagnose patients accurately. Thus, with the use of Docsmart, the following needs of doctors are taken care of.

1.  Visibility

Doctors’ most significant challenge is establishing visibility and credibility on online portals. Docsmart displays only 100% honest reviews and ratings, which helps boost visibility.

In addition to this, physicians can also upload all relevant information such as the area and duration of expertise, work experience and so on for their patients’ preference.

2.  Appointment Booking

The app makes it easy for patients to connect with the doctor of their choice. They can check the availability via the schedule on the app. Booking appointments is simple. Doctors are automatically notified of all their commitments for the day.

3.  Online Consultation

The online doctor consultation feature is a game-changer in the medical industry. Patients can avail consultations from the comfort of their homes.

Doctors benefit from this as they can offer their services to many patients. Those with limited mobility and terminal health issues can easily connect with doctors.

4. Hospital Records Access

Going paperless is the new fade. With Docsmart, doctors have access to all their patients’ health records. The various tests and scans are automatically linked to the online portal.

This facilitates a quick and immediate review process and helps doctors stay focused on their patients’ cases.

5. Conferences, Webinars and Online Meetings

Physical attendance at conferences is of the past now. The pandemic paved the way for online meetings and seminars. Docsmart allows physicians from across the globe to connect seamlessly.

Smooth exchange of ideas and information on the trending medical landscape is more accessible via the Docsmart portal.

6.  News Blogs and Forums

Multiple experts publish timely articles and blogs on the Docsmart portal. Users can stay updated on various medical trends and discussions via the app. It allows the public to stay informed on expert opinions.

Wrapping Up

Docsmart provides doctors with the needed technology at their fingertips. It allows doctors to connect with patients irrespective of the physical landscape, easily. Patients with limitations to mobility can also access the top healthcare services by adopting the Docsmart app.

The platform facilitates a perfect integration of tech and medicine to help create a comprehensive product that benefits both doctors and patients alike.