Social Media Trends: New Facebook Update and More

Social Media Trends: New Facebook Update and More

Want to learn about the features associated with the new Facebook update? And how search engines like Google and YouTube (yes, it’s a search engine) are making adjustments today?

The truth is, whether you’re an entrepreneur or just entertained by the latest and greatest that tech has to offer, new things come along all the time.

Here are some of Facebook’s latest updates, along with other platforms as well.

New Facebook Update 

For years now, people have been using Facebook to connect with friends. Millions of people also use the platform to advertise and sell products for their business (one reason why revenue management platforms like Redi2 Technologies have grown in recent years, too).

Now, the new Facebook update is making moves towards a technology we all have heard is coming—virtual reality.

Facebook Horizon (powered by Occulus), although in beta mode, represents the future of the platform. Users are able to have a VR social experience inside of their 3D headset. 

The platform currently allows users to play games, solve puzzles, and even create worlds with friends.

Instagram Update

Following in the footsteps of its big brother Facebook, Instagram has made a huge push in 2021 to make Instagram Shop a more viable solution for online sellers.

The addition of the Shop tab makes it easier for users to purchase from online influencers and brands you love. In previous years, you were redirected to a website to purchase the item. But now, shopping can be done right in the native app.

YouTube TV Update

Ever since 2017, people have been using YouTube TV to get better access to cable at a lower price. Now, YouTube TV is making a big push towards making their mobile app amazing. 

Increased functionality on both iOs and Android platforms (such as being able to switch to full-screen mode more easily) is one example. YouTube TV is also partnering with other content providers, like HBO Max and Hulu, to help users access all their favorite shows in one place.

Google Chrome Update

It’s estimated that over 2 billion people use Google Chrome as their preferred internet browser. That’s saying something, especially considering that both Apple and Desktop computers require you to download the app for it separately (and push their own browsers).

In 2021, Google Chrome has made several updates specifically for its Android users. Most of them are to improve performance and remove bugs that users have experienced.

Google Chrome also works tirelessly (they released 8 updates in June 2021 alone) to improve the security of your internet browser.

Social Media Trends

Along with the new Facebook update, entities like Instagram, YouTube, and Google Chrome are working hard to meet the needs of users (and shoppers) in our increasingly fast-paced, tech-driven world.

From better mobile performance to introducing virtual reality to users, you can expect these trends to continue to develop and refine as 2021 continues.

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