Ashley McArthur – The Murderer Of Private Investigator, Taylor Wright

Ashley McArthur

In the United States, many murder cases are happening now and then. One such cold-blooded murder case is Taylor Wright’s murder by a friend, Ashley McArthur.

In 2017, the sudden disappearance of Taylor Wright created a big problem. This story has become the investigative series of the April 23 episode. Ashley was the person who was with Taylor Wright at last. After this, Taylor disappeared suddenly. Soon after the discovery of Taylor’s body, the police arrested Ashley.

Who Are Ashley McArthur & Taylor Wright?

Ashley’s full name is McArthur Britt McArthur. She was working as a crime scene technician. She was the best friend of Taylor Wright, a murder victim. Taylor was a 33-year-old private investigator. She was also a former police officer. Based on some sources, Taylor was going through a divorce. 

After divorce, Taylor withdrew money from a joint account between her and her ex-spouse, Jeff Wright. Almost, she withdrew $100,000 in which $30,000 she gave to McArthur to safeguard on her.

What Happened To Taylor Wright?

According to the assumptions of Taylor’s relatives and friends, Taylor has gone missing at first. But the police took action after they got the information from Casandra. She was her live-in girlfriend, as she informed us that both are texting on September 8, 2017, till 11.20 AM. After 11.20 AM, Taylor stopped replying to Casandra. 

Later, in the evening, Taylor texted Casandra around 8 PM. In that, she mentioned that she needed some time to get back on track. 

According to a police inquiry, there are some notes before the disappearance of Taylor. Ashley and Taylor went to Ashley’s property to ride horses. Later they moved to Ashley’s home from where Taylor left her by taking an Uber cab to a bar. This was based on the report from Ashley’s side.

But cell phone records are just opposite to Ashley’s point. Later on, the police found Taylor’s body in another farmhouse of Ashley. It was on the Britt Road of North Pensacola.

The Reason Behind The Murder Case:

Taylor has been fired in her head’s back. Then, she was buried under potted soil and concrete. The reason behind the death of Taylor is the $34,000 cash that she has given to Ashley before. She has given this amount to just keep for some time. But Ashley murdered Taylor to deposit this net worth in her bank account. Even the bank records proved that Ashley deposited $34,000 in her account. And the cheque was in the name of Taylor. She spent all of her money and she even bought a boat for Brandon Beaty. Brandon was the boyfriend of Ashley.

Where Is Ashley McArthur Today?

Ashley’s attorney tried to prove her as not guilty. But based on the witness, she got life imprisonment. At present, she was in the Lowell Correctional Institution. It is a women’s prison with a capacity of 1,500 inmates.


Thus, Ashley is living her life in jail. She was already in jail for doing fraud before the murder of Taylor. 

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