5 Reasons Plaster Coving Is The Perfect Addition To Your New Home

Plaster Coving Is The Perfect Addition To Your New Home

Before we start talking about the advantages of plaster coving, let’s first understand what it is.

Coving, also known as cornice, is the plaster mold that joins the gap between two walls or the wall and the ceiling.

In the beginning, plaster coverings were used solely to provide a strong structure to the interior. Still, nowadays, you can find coving in various styles and designs to enhance interior decoration.

In 2020, the plaster coving and drywall market was valued at 4.56 billion USD.

If you’re planning to move into a new home, here are some great reasons you must install plaster coving today!

1. They are durable

When you shift to a new house, the first thing that should be on your list is the durability of the materials from which it’s built. And this refers to both the interiors and the exteriors.

Plaster coving is often the preferred choice for most builders solely because it’s durable.

Many homes dating back hundreds of years are still standing tall due to the plaster coving between the walls or the ceilings.

Moreover, the coving is installed by a skilled craftsman who can minimize the interior gaps.

So if you install plaster coving, you can be sure that your house will remain in good condition for many years.

2. They can fit in odd spaces

Another big advantage of plaster coving is that it’s versatile. So if your house has odd spaces or cracks between the two walls or between the wall and the ceiling, plaster coving will be the best.

This is especially true if you’re moving into an old house since they tend to have large gaps that can be difficult to fill with coving of any other material.

Even though the installation techniques can be a little time-consuming, modern technology has taken care of that.

Not only is plaster coving less expensive now, but it also requires little work by hand. So you won’t really have to bother about your hands and clothes getting messy. 

3. They can be customized

If you compare plaster coving with wood, you’ll see that they can be neatly customized and designed in beautiful ways to suit your needs.

Plaster coving also has superior acoustics and can create a proper sound barrier that other materials can’t.

This means that in enclosed spaces, plaster coving will ensure that people can hear each other better.

However, it also gives privacy to people in the adjoining rooms because plaster, unlike wood, is not hollow.

Although you can customize wooden or plastic coving, they are often expensive, and the result is not very satisfactory. But plaster-based coving will always produce lovely designs.

4. They are not harmful

Contrary to popular belief, plaster coving is not harmful at all because the plaster compound doesn’t give off toxic fumes.

It’s also unlikely that anyone in your family will be allergic to plaster. Nowadays, the compound of plaster can be made of natural materials like clay, oxides, or even lime.

On the other hand, plastic coving is harmful to the environment, and wooden coving leads to the cutting down of trees.

As a sand-based product, plaster also reduces any carbon footprints, which is ideal for passive households. So, if you’re environmentally conscious, then plaster coving will be ideal for you.

5. They are easily available

Since plaster coving is widely used worldwide, craftsmen and masons will readily have plaster-based templates in their shops.

Many online websites will also have readymade designs that you can choose from. And since the coving molding is already made, you can even get it delivered within a day or two.

These foam templates can be securely glued in place, and then the plaster can be gently poured.

More elaborate and intricately-carved designs might take more time to make, but even then, the total time taken will be much less than plastic coving. You can also find them in parts at the factory outlets or wholesale shops.

Over to you…

These are just a few of the many reasons why you must choose plaster-based coving over any other material. Not only will it be affordable and easy to install, but it will also make your house look grand!

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