10 Original and Cheap Valentine’s Gifts for Your Lover

Valentine's Gifts

Is it difficult to find the ideal gift and suitable for limited budgets? Imagine when it comes to men!

Here we leave a list of Valentine’s Gifts ideas so you can be inspired and get the ideal gift for the day of love.

Valentine's Gifts


A man knows that he must carry his wallet everywhere. But do you really know when to change it?

If you see that yours is showing the passage of time, acquire one that is practical to keep everything he needs and sophisticated so you can take it everywhere.

2-Casual shirt

Some guys are selective when it comes to clothes, but many of them only look for comfort and practicality when dressing. You can buy casual shirts that you can use at different times, or opt for creative prints.

Some idea could be the logo of your favorite video game, a phrase of a song that you like or the silhouette of a fictional character from your childhood.


Do you find it strange? You would be surprised to know how many men are often impressed and excited with a gift of this style. Although it is usually dedicated to women, your boy will appreciate the aroma and all the delicacy that a floral arrangement can provide.

Companies like The Valentine Flowers have delivery and outstanding flowers in blue, brown and green colors that will perfectly accompany the greatest gift of all: You!

4-Home breakfast

What better than waking up with breakfast in bed? We suggest fresh pancakes with maple syrup, jam, egg, bacon or any other ingredient that you know you love.

If you prefer salty foods, you can use toast and a good coffee to accompany it. Decorate with flowers and signs with phrases that identify you.

5-Relaxing massage

And who does not like one? In addition to massage, aromatic candles, essential oils and ambient music will be your allies to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.


If your beloved is a fan of some sport, much of the work is done. If you cannot afford an original shirt from your favorite team, you can opt for accessories such as key chains, socks, glasses and other similar ones that you can use in your day to day and remember the detail you have had.

7-Technological device

No, we are not referring to mobile phones or video game consoles, because they would be very expensive. We think of audio speakers with USB or Bluetooth input, so you can take your favorite music everywhere.

You can also buy wireless headphones, smart watches … they can all be found under the names of new and accessible brands.

8-Homemade cake

When it comes to sweet lovers, pastries represent a winning option. You can bake one with the help of a tutorial or simple recipe, which includes your favorite flavors. It can be chocolate, fruit, vanilla and the like … or all together!

9-Character of your favorite series / movie

Nothing better for fans of series and movies than a character to remember the great moments they could enjoy with these audiovisual productions. Be sure to accompany it with personal details such as a card, a candy made by you or any other added.

10-Craft beers

Lover of different drinks? The rise of craft beers does not seem to stop, and there are more and more options for beers that come from different parts of the world.

You can give him a round of the most exotic beers you can find for a small price. And if it is a collector, choose the most attractive bottles to be part of the rows of your collection.

We wish Valentine’s Gifts you the best of luck on this day! And a long life together.

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