How To Spice Things Up During Lockdown

How To Spice Things Up During Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has everything to contribute to the chaos happening in every individual’s life one way or another. Angst and Anticipatory grief continues to eat up the mental peace inside. Amidst all this frustration, one always looks forwards to their partner for little spooning and forking. If you’re quarantined with your someone special, this is a great opportunity to jump & Hump on each other’s body and give yourselves a nice shot of the happy hormones.

We all had an instinct in early 2020 that this crisis might go for more than just a few months. Though Experts had predicted the baby boom in 2021, expecting couples to hop like rabbits inside their bedroom, the reality begs to differ.

A study conducted showed that almost 41% of women were unhappy in their sex life during the past months-long nationwide lockdown, 44% men stated a decline in sex life and 30% (combined all genders) stated a decline in romantic love life. We don’t know about the baby boom, but the internet is already speculating a post-COVID divorce boom.

But the lockdown could, unfortunately, go on for quite a while. So, we asked sex experts to share their top tips for how to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

While this situation is certainly challenging and many are struggling, it’s also important to keep your sex life from becoming stale, And creating new opportunities to spice things up in our intimate lives.

Here are a few suggestions for bringing the spark back in your relationship and taking it beyond the pandemic.

1. Think outside the box a.k.a. bedroom

There is more fun goofing around the place where we aren’t supposed to be, Think of the laundry room. Where wet clothes and wet room stories can seductively distract you from the chores. Try the kitchen where you can convert your cooking experience into foreplay. Or be frisky in the staircase doggy styled. You can also try remote-controlled s*x toys, where you can sit at one corner of the house making your partner orgasmic on the other corner.

Talk to your boo and find out what are the new things they always wanted to try in their happy, kinky sex life.

2. Mutual masturbation

Every relation has its lovey-dovey firsts. The first time you farted in front of each other, the first time you used the same towel, etc. this is i.e. for another first i.e. the first time you masturbate in front of each other.

Mutual masturbation is the hottest topic these days. It is trending as the most intimate thing you can do to your partner without touching each other. Ou gets to know what your partner desires and know each other’s body better. Some even take it up a notch by Masturbating in turns and watching each other as they do.

3. Get toys out from the cabinets

There is a whole world out there of adult sex toys. Couples vibrators, cock rings, Rabbit ears, Magic wands, and many more. These magical toys open up the world of satisfying sex filled with excitement and adventure for you. These electronic bedmates are not only meant for alone Me-time but also to spruce things up with your partner around it. Explore the world of sex toys at Cirillas– One stop destination for all your sex product’s needs.

4. Lube your way in

There are no laws of using lube. The more, the merrier. While it is also a player for a solo session, lubing your way in with your partner on the side is also a good idea. Women can use lube to tow with the perineum of your man or to give him a prostate simulation. Lubes are also a good replacement for sensual oil, so the lube can be used for massage sex sessions. Lubes can do anything and everything. They help in anal play, make oral sex yummy, transform hand jobs, helps sex toys to get in, and more. Explore some of the best water-based and silicone-based lubes at Cirillas- The best adult s*x toy shop.

5. Role-play to erotic stories, comics, and audiobooks

Watching porn every time might not excite you anymore. This calls for a need to change your porno material. Try reading erotica novels, short stories, and comics in your quarantined time. You and your partner can together start a book and then reenact your favorite scenes in the bedroom s foreplay. You can take things to the next level by ordering slutty costumes online. Or you can always listen to an erotic audiobook and turn it into foreplay before getting lucky on nights.