A Watch Lover’s Universe – Signs That You Are A Watch Lover

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Gone are the days when a watch got considered a necessity only! Today, it is a fashion accessory that helps people complete their corporate and party looks. It adds a fashionable spark to a person’s style statement. Sometimes, a watch helps a person to feel extra confident while attending an official seminar or stylish while at a family function. Every person has their own choice about their best watch dial and strap. And they take time to browse online and choose the best model that caters to their requirement and budget capacity. 

However, not every person who likes to invest in a watch can be called as a watch lover. There are specific traits that differentiate a watch lover from someone who merely has an affinity for watches. A few essential signs that denote you are a watch lover are:

  • You research before you buy

Watch lovers might have in-depth know-how on the new watch launches, but you will hardly find them making an impulsive buy! They love watch models and are clued into their needs. Hence, while they easily appreciate the new watch models, they take time before buying a model for them. They want to ensure that their investment brings them positive results. Watch lovers read extensively about a watch they want to buy, compare the price, and check if it justifies the features. They purchase the watch only when they get convinced about a watch model and its utility.

  • They have a favorite brand

Most watch lovers have their chosen brands! Usually, watch lovers have one or two choicest brands. It is because they consider a few qualities and features in a watch essential. And that enables them to choose a favorite brand. To know more about this, you can check out Casio Singapore

  • You take care of your watch

Watch lovers ensure that they take good care of their watch! No watch lover ever gets complacent or careless about the watches that they own. They opt-in for the servicing and other essential maintenance work. They ensure that they keep their watches away from magnets and other objectives that might hamper the device. Also, they invest in a high-end watch cleaning kit and solution. While they can’t match up to the professional servicing and cleaning services, still simple ways to keep your watch clean helps to keep it durable. 

  • You read extensively interesting watch trends

Other than the regular new watch launches, watch lovers stay clued it to the interesting watch trends! It might not help them in getting a discounted watch model online, but it helps them to learn about new facts. Watch lovers read about the philosophy and thinking of popular watch brands. It enriches their knowledge. 

  • They have a collection

The designer watches come in multiple price ranges! It helps watch lovers create their collection. It need not be an extensive collection, but it has those models that a watch lover feels proud to own. 

Watch lovers look at most designer watches as an impressive art piece. If you resonate with the factors mentioned above, you are a watch lover!

Below are some tips to take care of your watch and keep it safe and in the good condition.  

Tips to Take Care of your Casio Singapore Watches:

  • Use Soft Cloth to Clean your watch

To keep your watch in great running condition, clean your watch case and the strap all the time. In the event that your watch isn’t waterproof, utilize a dry, delicate cleaning fabric to wipe the case and strap to expel any extreme dirt. In the event that your watch is water-safe, you can clean it by utilizing a soggy material. 

  • Avoid chemicals

Presenting your watch to chemicals like cleanser, cleansers, beauty care products, and aromas can harm your watch case or strap. Hold up until creams or fragrance dry totally on your skin before wearing your watch. Likewise, delayed presentation to coordinate daylight can cause blurring on the watch, so maintain a strategic distance from extensive contact with daylight. 

In the event that your watch strap experiences unsalvageable harm, you can undoubtedly get it supplanted without purchasing another watch.

  • Avoid scratches

It won’t be long until your watch glass or strap shows scratches. To keep away from this, expel your watch during exercises that could make scratches. 

Additionally, don’t wear your arm ornaments on a similar wrist. Wrist adornments may scratch either the sides of the glass of your watch. 

Also, be cautious, don’t drop your watch on the ground! Notwithstanding the potential scratches, the sudden effect may make harm the precious stone, case, and the inward segments.

  • Service your watch regularly

In a perfect world, a mechanical watch ought to be serviced at regular intervals i.e. every two years, while quartz watches can be serviced like every three years. Likewise, supplant a dead battery as quickly as time permits to dodge the danger of spillage that can make genuine harm your watch. 

Your watch is made of numerous individual parts, structured with accuracy. It labors for 24 hours every day, 7 days per week. It unquestionably merits a lot of consideration. Opening your watch can open it to the residue, earth, and different particles that can get inside the system. It can likewise affect the water-opposition of your watch.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is a contributing author of Garmin Singapore. She has been passionate about watches since childhood. Although being raised in the digital watch era, she found her way to mechanical timepieces. After being active on watch forums from the 1990s onwards, she decided to start a blog on watches in 2004.