8 Bathtub Designs to Enhance Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Bathtub Designs
Image source: Pexels

The use of basic plumbing techniques and the invention of a bathtub goes way back in history. And the story of the first-ever bathtub takes us to ancient India. The most initial remains of pipes and tubs were unearthed from the discoveries of the Indus River Valley nearly 5000 years ago. The archaeologists found remains of many plumbing equipment around the neighborhood of palaces in the entire region.

Today, the ways of bathing have changed to become an experience rather than a mere necessity. A combination of water heaters and bathtubs revolutionized the joys of bathing. Tub baths are now the most sought habit because of their utility. These tubs are now available in various sizes, designs, shapes, and colors that meet customized expectations.

On that note, let us walk through some of the most creative, alluring, and fascinating bathtub designs of 2022.

1. Holistic Alcove Design

A standard design in most American households, alcove has 3 walls and is typically equipped with ceramic. However, an array of options today, an alcove can be crafted using wood, metal, glass, and so on.

An alcove design typically has a shower and is considered the most basic and affordable type of bathtub. The use and decor of an alcove tub can be personalized as per personal requirements, and a point-of-use water heater can be engaged for the perfect warmth of your bathwater.

2. Vintage Copper Tub Style

Copper has always been an element with cleansing properties. The metal is widely used in cutlery, but also for bathing equipment. A copper bathtub is an excellent choice not only if you are a health-conscious individual but also if vintage designs excite you.

In today’s trend of glass and ceramic bathtubs, copper tubs add an undoubting antique look. The designs are usually stand-alone ones. But you can play around with the shape and textures to enhance the elegance. Copper naturally helps with issues like skin irritation and is also known for skin nourishment and regeneration.

3. Japanese Style

The Japanese bathtubs are a few of the most beautiful and elegant designs today. Also known as the Japanese Ofuro, this kind is one of the free-standing styles. The architecture of Ofuro enables your muscles to shuffle in the most comforting way. The sloping walls of this bathtub allow you to lean on and introspect at the epitome of peacefulness.

One of the advantages of its shape is that it will enable you to relax after a long shower. Apart from bathing, the famous Japanese Ofuro displays an elegant and striking look. The glamor is not just a factor for holistic peace but can also cater to some beautiful photoshoots! This design is widely popular across the globe.

4. Jetted Design

The child in you has probably imagined sitting in a washing machine and swirling around like your laundry. A jetted design allows you to feel something similar. It won’t swirl you, but this bathtub design is known for its best hot water bath experience. Proven effective to cure sore muscles and joint pains, a jetted tub shoots streams of water on muscular points for a therapeutic experience. 

The heating technique is a pre-set temperature and can be adjusted as per requirements. The installation is a drop-down structure with entry and exit points for water to swirl around. A jetted design adds hydro massages to the hot water bath experience to give you the most pleasing bathing encounter.

5. Garden Tub

A garden tub is a contemporary design that originated in the 18th century. The high-class French recognized the homogeneity in the indoor bathtubs and decided to place their tubs at the edge of their homes to witness the greenery of their gardens as they relaxed in a hot water bath. Fast forward to 2022, the modern-day bathtubs are now an inseparable part of the backyards and lawns. 

An outdoor design enables you to set up your bathroom at any place with access to water flow, and you are good to go. The types of equipment can be picked depending on the surroundings and the weather. If you are a bathing enthusiast, you can inspire the idea and bring your bathing experience to a completely different level. A free-standing bathtub with a claw-foot design will secure the base of your tub. Surround your tub with an automated heater and side tables. Add a food tray in your tub’s rectangular shape, and you are ready to unwind.

6. Walk-In Design

The leisure of a quality bath must be everyone’s right. A walk-in design was fabricated, keeping in mind our dear adults and differently-abled mates. An elevated structure with a door-like design to relax entirely is the main layout of a walk-in design. Such mobility eliminates the hassle of climbing in and out of a regular bathtub to avoid extra effort. A seal-tight door restricts any leak to ensure a neat and clean bathing experience. The perks of walking in bathtubs include protection, water temperature, and aid to users with physical conditions. A tankless heating system can be a suitable match for walk-in tubs.

7. Bedroom Tubs

Not very popular, but bedroom bathtubs are now one of the favorite USPs of many hospitality hubs. A bathtub is placed right in your bedroom beside your bed. The concept of a bedroom bathtub prompts small space intimacy. Right from your bed to your bathtub, this decor idea is welcomed by numerous water babies seeking self-comfort.

8. Balcony Free-Standing

If you own a balcony with some breathtaking views, this idea is for you. One of the fascinating designs is the balcony free-standing. Just as the name suggests, a free-standing tub is an independent one. The design of a free-standing bathtub offers mobility, mobility of size, shape, material, and placement. The famously appreciated soup bowl design commonly has a ceramic or glass finish. Place your soup bowl tub at the edge of your balcony and relax in the heated bath with raindrops splashing across your face. Heat your water with WiFi-enabled smart heaters and never disrupt the comfort of a balcony bath.

Parting Thoughts

You will be lying to yourself and everyone else if you say you have never craved a long, soapy bubble bath after a hectic day of work. Equip your tub with an effective water heater, and you’ll find yourself nestled in your tub for hours straight! Redesign your bathtub with the advent of today’s technology and such unique ideas for the ultimate bathing experience!