Die For You’s Stunning Success Is Ready To Outshine Ariana Grande Vogue Feature Back In 2018

Ariana Grande Vogue

Ariana Grande Vogue feature back in 2018 made news for her appealing looks and choice of makeup. However, she has made it a habit of making headlines for varied reasons in the recent past. If you do not know, let me inform you that Ariana is one of the most prominent singers and songwriters in the entertainment industry. In addition, she has also made considerable fame for herself in the acting business. 

However, more recently, she has made news after her song ‘Die for You’ went on to gain the top position on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Though the top spot on the list is far from being a new place for the singer, reaching there is not an easy task. The task has become more difficult with a large number of hit songs getting released every now and then. However, this is a remix of the original song in which she paired with The Weeknd. If you are searching the internet for Ariana Grande Vogue cover, then let me assure you that considering this new aspect of the singer would not dishearten you. Therefore, read this article to know more in this regard. 

The Climb To The Top

‘Die for You’ is a song that originally belonged to the 2016 album Starboy of The Weeknd. In fact, the album won a Grammy in 2018 in the category of Best Urban Contemporary Album. Even on the Billboard 200 list, the album wreaked havoc. Thus, when the collaboration with Ariana Grande was announced, it was sure to make it this high once again.

However, the two artists came closer for the second time with this song. Earlier in 2021, they combined to bring out ‘Save Your Tears’. That time the duo topped the list. So, this is their second venture to the top. 

The Climb To The Top

In fact, if you take a look at the stats of this remix, you would be stunned. After its release via XO/Republic Records, the song gathered around 81.1 million radio airplay audience impressions. Long with this, the song got around 32.4 million streams. Moreover, Luminate confirms that the song sold 14,000 between 24th February and 2nd March. 

Moreover, the song debuted at number three on Digital Song Sales and on Radio Songs. On Streaming Songs, it started at the 22nd position and climbed to the top. However, the artists should thank TikTok for the sudden bloom. The social media platform provided the platform for increased promotion of the songs and ultimately led to its current position on various lists. 

Final Verdict
Credit: Vogue

Final Verdict

Climbing to the top of the Billboard 100 is one thing, which is a difficult task in itself. However, maintaining that position for over two weeks is a more challenging feat. Well, as things stand now, the song has done that with ease. 

The song hit the market on the 24th of February. Now, at the end of March, at the time of writing this article, the song sits fourth on the list. This is no less a wonder act, given the release of new songs in between. Flowers by Miley Cyrus is now at the top, followed by Last Night by Morgan Wallen and Kill Bill by SZA. Therefore, it remains to be seen how long the song maintains its position in the Top ten list. 


1. Who are the artists involved in the remix of ‘Die for You’?

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande collaborated on the song.

2. What is the song’s current position on the Billboard 100 list’?

It currently sits at the fourth spot on the list.

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