Common First-Time Vaper Mistakes


When starting out in any hobby, you’re going to make mistakes. Without the experience to know better, there are a lot of mistakes first-time vapers make when getting into the vape world. From buying the wrong Vape Juice or vaping like you’re smoking a cigarette, first timers can wind up hating vaping simply because they made the wrong decision. The nicotine strengths and juice flavors can seriously impact the enjoyment of vaping. When the wrong choice is made, the user thinks it’s vaping they don’t like when it’s really the products they chose.

The Wrong Gear

You’re trying to figure out if vaping is for you so you buy the cheapest gear out there. Makes sense, right? Well, the cheapest gear is often the worst gear. However, this doesn’t mean you have to make a huge investment just to try out vaping. There are a ton of starter kits at very affordable prices that include everything you need. It’s estimated a first-time user can spend between $40 and $60 on a vape setup. While this isn’t as attractive as a $10 deal, it will be the right quality and give a real sense if vaping is for you or not.

Buying Cheap Vape Juice

Similar to the gear, you can get vape juice at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. However, super cheap options will have cheap ingredients. Broke Dick has great deals on top quality e-juices. First time and regular vapers can get great deals with no cost for shipping, while also getting their juice the same or next day in the continental U.S. The company also has a ton of options in flavors, making it the perfect place to order for a first time vaper. Trying out a couple of flavors you feel you’ll enjoy at top qualities is the best way to figure out if vaping will work for your lifestyle and preferences.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

Like any other electronic device, a vape mod or e-cigarette needs proper maintenance and care. While the devices don’t need care every single time you pick it up, being too relaxed when it comes to maintenance can lead to a leaky tank, circuit issues, or an awful, burnt taste. Leaks and damage should be looked for each day, especially since it doesn’t take too much time to just look at the device.

The battery should hold a charge for at least an hour or it is time for a new one. Coils also need to be prepped and replaced on a regular basis. If the taste isn’t as good, chances are you need a new coil. Most need to be replaced every few weeks but some will need once a week. The quality of coils and how well they are taken care of will impact the lifespan.

Mixing Flavors

If you aren’t that experienced with vaping, you may want to skip mixing flavors all together until you have more know-how. Also, be sure to actually wash out the tank before adding a new flavor. You may think it isn’t enough flavor to seriously impact the new juice, but it can lead to a waste of juice. Many vapers fancy themselves juice chefs, but it’s a safer bet to stick with the huge variety of flavors already offered to consumers.

These are only a few examples of common mistakes vapers make when they start out vaping. Be sure to do due diligence when deciding on the products and other decisions for your vape mod to get the most out of vape life.

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