Drinking Moderately Is Pretty Good For The Heart Compared To Non-Drinkers: Here’s Why

moderate drinking

As per the latest research, scientists have confirmed that moderate drinkers are less susceptible to heart attacks. In fact, a few scientists have also confirmed that a drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men could help the heart as it dampens stress-related signals in the brain. People who have drinks once or twice a day have a 20 percent lower chance of suffering a heart attack than those who don’t drink at all. 

If you want to know more about how drinking can help our hearts, you are at the right place. Here we will tell you everything that you need to know about this particular topic. For example, we will share why drinking moderately is actually pretty good for the heart.

Drinking Just A Tiny Bit Everyday Is Not That Bad

At least this is what the latest research has shown. So, according to the latest research on this particular topic, a few scientists have found out that it’s actually beneficial for the heart if you drink moderately. Moderate drinking, i.e, drinking a day for women and two for men may actually dampen all the stress-related signals in our brains. 

Someone presented this research at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting. So, as per the sources, it’s actually based on the healthcare records of more than 53k people. 

However, despite such positive news, scientists ‘don’t really recommend people to turn to alcohol to reduce stress. It’s because there are other adverse effects as well of drinking. So, in that case, they have advised other forms of therapy, such as Yoga. 

Drinking Just A Tiny Bit Everyday Is Not That Bad

Is Alcohol Bad For Health? 

Despite the fact that recent studies have shown the good effects of alcohol, it’s true that consuming too much alcohol is not good for health at all. It can invite lots of trouble in our bodies. But, as we mentioned earlier, drinking moderately is not that bad for your health. 

What Do The Researchers Say? 

What Do The Researchers Say? 

So, let us tell you that Dr. Kenechukwu Mezue, a doctor in nuclear cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital has studied the effects of alcohol on human beings. In fact, he is the lead author of this study as well. So, Mezue said, “We found that stress-related activity in the brain was higher in non-drinkers when compared with people who drank moderately, while people who drank excessively had the highest level of stress-related brain activity.”

Therefore, if we just take a look at this research from a neutral angle, then we can see how consuming alcohol can benefit us. Moderate amounts of alcohol may have effects on our brains that can help us to relax, and also reduce stress levels, and ultimately, lower the incidence of heart attacks or related troubles. 

Stress is one of the prime reasons behind all sorts of diseases and problems in one’s body. The psychological trouble through stress can lead to physical problems, and heart attack is but one of the many outcomes. That’s why people recommend doing yoga and meditation. According to the sources, practicing yoga can calm the mind and destress our mind to a great extent. 

So, it’s worth noting that our mind is like a river. It is the stress caused by various factors that creates a ripple on the pristine, silent rivet of the mind. Hence, it’s important to let the mind rest and attain that still-river-like state. Sometimes, alcohol can help us attain just that state.

Alcohol Can Boost The Connection Between Heart & Brain

Furthermore, the current study suggests that alcohol can boost the connection between the heart and the brain. Moderate intake of alcohol impacts the brain-heart connection. However, it’s true that alcohol has many side effects, including liver damage, risk of cancer, etc.

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