Shania Twain Proclaims “Giddy Up”: Releases Her Latest Dance-Infused Music Video

Shania Twain
Credit: People

Shania Twain has enormous popularity among her fans. We find her to have mostly a niche audience. But her work appeals to many others as well. Hence she is a universal celebrity to reckon with. People from all walks of life love as well as appreciate her work.

She has now released a new music video especially for “Giddy up”. It is her third single that comes from her upcoming sixth studio album. That album is known as “Queen of Me”. It will be released on February 3. Republic Records has taken on the onus of releasing it at large.

Twain claims that the slogan “Giddy Up!” is consciously reminiscent of her adored and well-known song “Let’s Go Girls!” phrase from her huge 1999 song “Man! I’m like a woman now!”

The special aspects of Shania Twain song

The special aspects of this song

The song is gaining popularity all across the world. People are catching up to it daily. There is something inherently cheerful about the song. Hence that is what makes it so much more appealing at large. People want something cheerful after a long day. Thus there the song goes on to address their need.

It is universally acknowledged that when the fans get exactly what they need, the popularity of the particular art is increased exponentially. The same thing is happening here.

The fun chorus part is all the more appealing. It calls for a cheerful response. People might dance to it if they wish to. Dancing is one of the best ways towards emotional catharsis according to many studies. Hence that can be fostered in this case.

Overall the visual appeal of the song is what makes it tremendously appealing. Thus those who love the overall feel of a piece of art, this is primarily made for them.

Locations where filmed

One of the most striking aspects of the music video is the vast range of locations where it has been filmed. We can find a grocery and a bar and a restaurant in this video. We also find a car shop where Shania Twain is a mechanic and cannot stop her workers from dancing at large. It is very much appealing. Thus those who love to watch diverse places, this video is particularly for you. 

We can guarantee that you will fall in love with this song. Hence you should give this a try. But for the best effect, it is recommended to listen to it along with the accompanied video.

Locations where filmed

Official press release

In the official press release accompanying this video, she said the following:

“‘Let’s Go Girls!’ is such a wonderfully uplifting sentiment now, but it’s just something I said during the recording in the studio and I guess that’s the same for ‘Giddy Up!,’” she explained in the music video’s official press release. “These lines come to me when I’m thinking about how to put a little ‘pep in my step.’ I want people to feel good when they hear the new album. I want to set a celebratory tone and ‘Giddy Up!’ is a way to call to the audience and say ‘Let’s get ready for some fun!’”

Social media role

There is a special part in the song where spectators are recording the chorus at large. This is made as a contribution or homage to the vast role of social media sites like TikTok in the arts and entertainment industry currently.


Twain primarily talked about young people influencing her art. She finds a great deal of inspiration from them in her artistic expressions.

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