Ana Orke, The Wife Of Mark Dayton Has People Talking

Ana Orke

You have probably heard the name of Ana Orke before in the presidential elections. So, she was once on the campaign aide for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. However, now you can address her as Mark Dayton’s wife. Yes, the duo has decided to exchange marital vows despite their age differences. In fact, she is the third wife now of Mark and people on social media are talking about this sudden decision of the governor and Ana. 

So, if you want to know more about Ana Orke, the present wife of Mark Dayton, then you have come to the right place. We will provide some riveting details about her and her relationship with Dayton. 

Ana Orke’s Journey: From The Campaign Aide Of Mark To His Bride

Destiny always has something for each of us and that applies to Ana Orke as well. Who would have thought that once campaign aide of Mark would become the very bride of his?

Well, it has certainly garnered divided responses from people all over the globe. For example, some of them are calling Ana Orke an opportunist for marrying a 73-year-old man while she is only 32. Whereas some people are also of opinion that the duo has found true love in each other. 

In this light, Mark Dayton has said a lot of things on social media. So even though age is a factor, the duo didn’t let that thing call things off. In fact, they do share a great bond and therefore none of the trivial matters such as age differences matter to them. 

Moreover, it’s also worth noting that you have probably heard the name of Ana Orke in reference to Hilary Clinton. To elaborate, she has worked on Hilary Clinton’s Campaign task in the year 2008. 

Mark’s Announcement

Mark Dayton who is currently 73 years old on Facebook announced his third marriage in a grand fashion. In that announcement, he revealed 32-year-old Orke, his third wife. 

He said, “Dear Family and Friends, I am delighted to reach out to you in these challenging times with some very happy news: after twenty years of my bachelorhood, I am now a married man!”

Talking about his wife, he said that she is, “ smart, compassionate, tough, funny, and impossibly good at Scrabble.”

The Age Gap

So, this age gap is what has everybody talking. Orke is about 41 years younger than his husband Dayton. In fact, Dayton knows this and says that he himself has become surprised that this issue didn’t affect their relationship. As they grew to know each other love blinded them and provided a deeper meaning to their life. 

Therefore, the duo exchanged vows in the year 2020 and announced that on Facebook on 6th December. They ran into each other in Minneapolis and developed some feelings for each other there. Dayton said that the rest is history as they found happiness in each other.

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