Do You Know About The American Footballer Vincent Jackon’s Wife, Lindsey Vandeweghe? Here Are Some Riveting Facts

Vincent Jackon’s Wife
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A lot of you know about the famous American footballer Vicent Jackson who has made a huge name for himself. However, did you know about his Vincent Jackson wife, Lindsey Vandeweghe? So, she has come to the limelight after her husband’s death. Yes, recently, her husband vincent has left this mortal world. Therefore, fans have paid their condolences to his families, such as his wife and children.

If you are a fan of Vincent and want to know more about his family life then you will find a lot of details here. In this article, we will provide some riveting facts about Vincent Jackson’s wife Lindsey Vandeweghe. Moreover, we will also explore the cause of vincent’s death.

A Bit On Lindsey: How Is She And How Did She Meet The Amazing Footballer Vincent?

We know that vincent was the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver. In fact, the fans loved him for his amazing performance on the field as well. However, a lot of you might not know about Vincent Jackson’s wife Lindsey.

Both Vincent and Lindsey enjoyed their marriage for 10 long years. However, the death of Vincent separated the duo. It was extremely tragic that the locals found Vincent’s body in a Tama Hotel room in the month of February.

So, we know that Vincent Jackson’s wife’s name is Lindsey. It was Jackson who first proposed to his wife. Moreover, it’s worth noting that his wife is a native Colorado girl. So, Jackson proposed to her after being inducted to the UNC Atheltic Hall of Fame in the year 2011.

The famous footballer stepped on the stage and declared his proposal message to his then-girlfriend Lindsey. He said, “I love you. I will always love you. I want to start a family with you…I want to spend the rest of my days with you…you are my soulmate…will you marry me?”

Well, it was certainly one of the most heartwarming proposal marriages. In fact, we can say that Vincent poured out his heart to Lindsey who responded to his proposal with a yes. So, thereafter the couple finally tied the martial knots in the same year, in the month of July, 16th, to be exact.

After the marriage, the couple had taken their residency in a 3.5 million dollar mansion which was in Palma Ceia Golf and country club.

Do They Share Any Children

Their 10 years of marital life were full of love and warmth. In fact, they even share three children as well. They are Carter, Amaya, and Dominick, respectively, as the sources have mentioned. Although he was extremely private about his personal affairs, Vincent occasionally posted about their children on Instagram. In fact, last year, he posted a picture of himself and his kids on Father’s day.

Vincent’s Death: The Cause And The Reactions

According to the reports, the officials on 15th Feb found the dead body of Vincent at the Homewood Suites in the Palm River Road which is in Brandon. The hotel staff said that the footballer checked into the hotel on 11th Jan. In fact, he had been staying in that room since that date. So, the police had investigated a lot about the death but couldn’t find any apparent sign of trauma.

It’s worth noting that before his death he had a fascinating career with Tampa. Moreover, he also played for the San Diego Chargers from 2005-2011. So, it’s really tragic that the 38-year-old footballer left behind his wife and three children. Vincent Jackson’s wife Lindsey has expressed her grief and people have paid their condolences to her.