Check Out A List Of UFC Star Conor McGregor Tattoos & What They Mean

Conor McGregor tattoos
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Conor McGregor is one of the most prolific and yet controversial UFC stars. However, fans recognize him the most for his tattoos. Yes, the Conor McGregor tattoos have become a fascination for the fans. He has an incredible collection of tattoos and all of them are cool.

Currently, the Irishman UFC star is recovering from a broken leg he suffered in his fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 this year. So, in this article, we will talk about Conor McGregor’s tattoos and provide you with a list as well. In addition, you will also find what those tattoos mean.

Here’s A List Of The Conor McGregor tattoos That Conor Has On His Body

So, it’s worth noting that when Conor made his UFC debut back in 2013, he was practically tattoo-less. The 33-year-old had no tattoos and looked radically different as well. Of course, he had his trademark beard but he didn’t have any iconic tattoos. Currently, he has a few large tattoos everywhere on his body. From the forearm to the abdomen, he has numerous tattoos. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the Conor McGregor tattoos and what they mean.


Well, our list of Conor McGregor tattoos starts with his heels. So, he has Arabic writing on the back of his left heel but he doesn’t actually know the meaning. In fact, it was his first tattoo and he had this while he was drunk. Moreover, he added that he got this tattoo in Ayia Napa for 20 euros.


Conor also has a tattoo on his neck which is a winged crucifix. Even though he has that, we actually have no confirmation about his religion. A lot of people assumed him to be a Catholic as he’s an Irishman.


He has an iconic crucifix on his back in the form of a tattoo. Running down from Conor’s back, this tattoo of crucifix even has thorns. There’s no clear idea why he got this tattoo because he didn’t say anything about it.


Did you know that he has a tattoo on his chest that actually means something? So, he has a silverback gorilla wearing a crown and holding a heart in his mouth which is really amazing. Well, this tattoo is iconic and is a twist on the symbol o coach John Kavanagh’s straight blast gym. Connor said that he liked the way it looked.

Forearm 1

On his both forearm, we can see Conor Mcgregor’s tattoos. The front of his left forest has a tattoo of a rose bush with a clock showing 3:35. We don’t know if it’s significant or not but this tattoo also has a large dagger through a separate rose on the inside.

Moreover, there’s also a small stick figure in a boxing pose as well. Somehow, it looks like the pose of Notre Dame Leprechaun. In addition, the back of the tattoo has a man wearing a top hat which is a nice touch.

Forearm 2

Among the Conor Mcgregor tattoos, this one packs a punch. The tattoo says, “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. It’s worth noting that this saying is quite common in the elite military units, especially among the Navy SEAls

His Abdomen

There are two tattoos on his abdomen that look really cool. One day, he added a tiger tattoo on his album on a whim while on a holiday in the country of France. He just thought of nothing and got a tiger on his abdomen. The Irishman on a previous occasion expressed his fascination with how the animals move. In fact, he even incorporates that into his training as well.

In addition to the tiger tattoo, he has gotten another one recently. This tattoo is actually his name in stenciled writing. So, this tattoo says his name McGregor and his nickname Notorious.