The Traffic Stop Story: Learn About Daniel Crocker & Joe Gutierrez

Daniel Crocker and Joe Gutierrez

In the year 2020, Dec, two Windsor police officers, Daniel Crocker and Joe Gutierrez were involved in a controversial traffic stop of Caron Nazario. So, those of you who don’t know who Caron Nazario is, then you’d like to know that he is a Black Army Medical Corps Officer. In fact, the duo of police officers actually threatened Caron with execution at gunpoint. Later on, Joe also pepper-sprayed the Officer.

This incident has certainly created a lot of debates among people. Naturally, the officers had to face some heat for their actions. So, if you want to know about the whole incident involving Daniel Crocker and Joe, then you are at the correct place. In this article, we will provide you with details about the night of the incident.

Who Is Daniel & Joe From The Windsor Police

In the month of Dec 2020, situations involved both Daniel Crocker and Joe in a ‘high-risk traffic stop’ when they pulled over Caron, the army medic officer. This incident occurred in Norfolk, Virginia.

Naturally, both the Windsor police offers had to face some trouble for their actions. In fact, according to the details, one of them even sprayed pepper spray on the offer. So, due to such rash behavior, Caron, the officer filed a lawsuit on April 2. Moreover, the filing also claimed that the police offers robbed the fourth amendment rights of Nazario.

As we said earlier, Daniel Crocker is one of the Windsor officers. So, he attempted to stop the medical officer who wsa driving a new 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe with a plate ‘taped to the inside of the rear window of the vehicle, as per the sources.

They stopped him for a lack of a rear license plate. So, due to that, they pulled Caron over at a well-lit BP gas station. From the CCTV footage, it’s apparent that Nazario rolled down his car window and put his hands out the window.

As per the reports and the lawsuit, he even asked law enforcement about the whole situation. He repeatedly asked what was happening and why the officers had their guns drawn. Thereafter, Joe told the medical officer that he was ‘Fixing to ride the lightning” which is an expression of execution.

How The Police Officers Harassed The Medical Officer

Well, it was certainly harassment towards a reputable officer. In fact, Joe even expressed a lot of malice and threatened him. According to the filing, Nazario told the officers that he was afraid to get out of the car. Then, Joe responded by saying that ‘yes, you should be’.

On the other hand, Daniel Crocker, another officer on the scene just watched the whole scene calmly with a smirk on his face. His fellow police officer tried to pull Nazario out of the car. In fact, when he asked to speak to his supervisor, Joe, without any warning sprayed Peppersrpay multiple times in rapid succession.

After he had exited the vehicle, Joe hit him with knee strikes to his legs. Not only that but he also handcuffed him and blinded him with pepper spray.

The Aftermath: Fate Of The Officers

According to the reports, the officials have terminated Joe Gutierrez from his job. Since he violated the Windsor police department policies, he had to face such a fate. After a thorough investigation, the department found that the duo violated the principles. On the other hand, the officials didn’t state the fate of Daniel Crocker. There’s no clue whether he’d face any disciplinary actions or not.