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Chinese Dragon Paintings

Remember those days of childhood when our grandparents used to tell us stories of great heroes and the combat wars they fought with dangerous creatures? The most interesting and mesmerizing aspects of those stories were no other than the Chinese dragons and their kingdoms.

Well, getting to revisit those exciting dragon stories and experiencing the same thrill will be the best thing ever, won’t it be? Well, one of the best ways to do so is through genuine and authentic paintings from the times that are gone by. Yes! Over the period of time, all these historical or mythological dragon stories have been captured and narrated by eminent artists, in the form of marvelous and awe-inspiring paintings.

In this article, we inform you about some of the greatest dragon paintings of all time.

Roger Freeing Angelica by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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This dragon painting was created by a famous painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in 1819. It’s an oil painting that was inspired by Orlando Furioso by Ariosto measuring 147 * 199 cm and is housed at the famous Louvre in France.

It is said that this masterpiece depicts one of the greatest acts of a knight, Roger who rescued Angelica who was left by the barbarians with the sea monsters as a sacrifice. Roger slays the dragon-horse creature with his lance between its eyes, saving Angelica. This dragon painting is the perfect way to express your love and care for someone special, as a gift.

St. George Killing the Dragon by Bernat Martorell

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It’s a tempera painting by Spanish artist Bernat Martorell in the year 1434-1435. Now the painting is displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago which is 155.6 cm * 98.1 cm. This dragon painting is in international Gothic style in which the ground rises gradually in the backdrop of the painting, but at the same time, it does not cover it entirely. No doubt, this unique style makes for a visual delight!

It depicts the heroic acts of St. George set in Catalonia, Spain during the first half of the 15th century. In this painting, St. George is shown in black armor with a halo above his head killing a furious dragon with his sharp lance. The detailing of the dragon with dark-green scales is winged and red eyes and makes for a realistic depiction of the eyes.

Dragon Fighting a Lion by Andrea Zoan

Chinese Dragon Paintings

It’s a hand-painted dragon painting of a dragon fighting a furious lion with its bear clauses depicting the superiority and the strength of the dragon by Andrea Zoan. At 1st Art Gallery, we produce one of the finest dragon paintings in the whole world and give you a lifetime warranty for the painting.

In this Chinese dragon painting, the painter Andrea Zoan tries to reflect the heroism of the dragon by painting a fight between the king of the forest and the dragon. This painting is the most suitable dragon painting on your empty wall which depicts bravery and courage around us. Taking full hold of the lion, the dragon declares its victory in its battle.

Perseus Delivers Andromeda From The Sea Monsters by Bernard Picart

Chinese Dragon Painting

Perseus delivering Andromeda is one of the most famous paintings of its era, and its recreations are amongst the most owned paintings across the world.

This dragon painting depicts the incident of the King and Queen of Ethiopia deciding to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda, on the advice of Jupiter Ammon. Andromeda is said to be one of the most beautiful princesses of that time, who was sacrificed to the sea monster. Knowing this

Perseus flies back from killing Gorgon Medusa and kills the monster and rescues his future wife Andromeda.

Chinese Dragon Painting

William Blake was one of the finest artists who painted this dragon during the years  1805-1810. It’s one of the highly recommended paintings for your collection as it depicts the ancient creature’s true form.

The painting of the Red Dragon is the perfect depiction of the battle between good and evil. Red Dragon is a monster creature with seven heads with crowns and ten horns, and it’s on a mission to take revenge on the woman who has given birth to the followers of God. Interestingly, the painting depicts that when the dragon attacks the woman, the gods shed his mercy on the woman and grant wings that carry her to safety.

The famous artist Willian Blake has artistically painted the duality of good and evil with a mix of colors and brought out a marvelous light onto the painting.

The Bottom Line

The paintings are just a few of the numerous famous dragon paintings and one can explore and buy more from the online store of  1st Art Gallery. What’s more? You also get a certificate of Authenticity with every handmade painting we produce. After all, these paintings create memories and inspirational stories for our future generation.