8 Best Plus Size Swimwear for Women

Plus Size Swimwear for Women

For many women, finding plus size swimsuits that both fit well and flatters their body can be a challenge to find but there are some brands that do take plus-size women into account when creating swimsuits. they don’t offer a range of styles to fit and flatter different body types. The lack of options and styles can frustrate many women to the point where they give up trying to find the perfect swimsuit and miss out on enjoying swimsuit season. Here, we look at the 8 best swimwear styles for plus size women that both sculpt and flatter the figure to help women both feel good and find the perfect swimsuit to flatter their body type.

1. Ruffles

One piece bathing suits are a flattering choice for women who have a large middle. Look for plus size one piece swimwear with ruffles to hide a larger waistline. Tiered ruffles that are angled toward the center draw the eye downward and create the illusion of a curvy waist.

2. Empire Waist

A Plus size one piece swimmers with an empire waist is another good choice for women who are larger in the middle. An empire waist is a waistline that is placed above the natural waist, giving the swimsuit a “babydoll” look, which helps to elongate a fuller figure.

3. Swim Dress

A swim dress is a one piece swimsuit with a skirted bottom. This style is ideal for women who are larger on the bottom. The flowy fabric of the skirt around your hips creates a curvy waist and hip line by making your waist look smaller and flattering your hips.

4. High Waist Bottoms

High waist bottoms are another flattering option for women with a large bottom. High waist bottoms can be found in skirts, shorts, or regular bikini bottoms. This style works similarly to the swim dress by creating a waistline that draws the eyes upward to give your body a curvy appearance.

5. Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops can be found on both one piece and two piece swimmers. Off the shoulder tops help to balance the top of women with larger bottoms by adding volume to a smaller chest. Off the shoulder tops with ruffles have the same effect and create a flirty, feminine look.

6. Bra-Sized Swim Tops

Swim tops that look like bras are very much in style right now and are a game changer for women with a large top. Not only do bra-sized swim tops flatter a large chest, they also ensure better fit and support than regular swim suit tops.

7. Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is twisted or gathered at the front to create a neckline that has a heart shape. The shape can minimize a fuller chest in a way that also flatters the chest. This style usually comes with removable straps, but adding the straps help to take emphasis off the chest and makes the shoulders seem more narrow.

8. High Neckline

Swim tops with a high neckline can help to balance a larger top by making the chest appear smaller and the hips appear larger due the angular lines of the straps and coverage of the chest. High necklines can be found in a variety of swimsuit styles, from one piece swim dresses to high waisted two piece swimsuits.

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Finding a swimsuit that both fits and flatters a plus size figure shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Women should not have to miss out on wearing a swimsuit because they can’t find a suit to flatter their body shape. Thankfully, companies are branching out and creating more suits in styles and sizes that are both comfortable and flattering for women with curves.

The styles above are great options for women with a larger middle, larger bottom, larger top, or any combination of the three. Some styles can be mixed and matched to create the perfect swimsuit that flatters in all the right places and draws attention away from areas that women may not want to be focused on, helping plus sized women find a suit that they can both look and feel good in and enjoy swimsuit season. 

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