Professional Avenues after Completing B.Ed Degree

B.Ed Degree

With the emerging scope of technology has also raised a level up for the quality of education being imparted to the youth. Now, being a part of the youth, it’s important to ensure to move along the line of what’s trending and forms the core of quality education- B.Ed as a professional degree course. 

Yes, it’s rightly said that charity begins at home. But more importantly, school is no less than a home to the young, nourishing minds. 

The way they will be fed, is the way the nation’s future shall be shining through their capabilities and constraints. That’s where the role of a B.Ed as a professional degree comes in. 

B.Ed offers the qualified people to leverage their skills and capabilities in the teaching line and nourish younger minds with knowledge, power, and intelligence. 

So, undoubtedly, the agenda for today’s going to be: What are the best career options after completing a B.Ed degree? 

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Having an insight into B.Ed as a professional degree course is really important. Then it would be apt to discover the best career opportunities after B.Ed. So, let’s quickly dive deeper into what B.Ed has to offer and later what to do after completing B.Ed.

B.Ed stands for Bachelor of Education, and clearly signifies the hands-on learning and exposure to be in the vast department of education. As clear as fact, education means teaching and related sectors. B.Ed is at present a two-year undergraduate program in India. While in countries like Australia, it is far more, as a three-year course. 

Well focusing upon B.Ed courses in India as of now, it’s highly in demand among aspirants wishing to be in the teaching sector. 

Is B.Ed a professional degree? 

Of course, yes!! B.Ed is a professional recognized under the surveillance of the government body named NCTE. Now-a-days, B.Ed is usually a course pursued popularly by women who wish to be working and not just called a homemaker anymore. 

In fact, B.Ed provides equal opportunities to males and females to be a part of the education sector through various state-level and central-level entrance exams. Thus, B.Ed is proving to be a symbol of power among various youth aspirants looking to progress in the education sector. Having completed a degree like B.Com/ Hons., B.A., even with B.Sc and B.Tech, many people are choosing to work hard to be in the teaching line through B.Ed.  

National Council for Teacher Education i.e. NCTE is the backbone for forming the foundation of courses like B.Ed being one of them. 

Now, the next very prominent thing to completing a B.Ed degree, in focus, would be what after B.Ed, right? Come, let’s uncover the sheets over What could be the career prospects and opportunities after completing a B.Ed degree. 

What Are The Career Prospects Of B.Ed Special Education?

Having a B.Ed degree in hand and standing right away to choose the road that’s parting next, there are best 7 of those options to move ahead with-

Teaching Government jobs after B.Ed

The government sector has no doubt ample of places for you to serve as a great government school teacher. Based upon the entrance level exams which could be state level or central level, you choose to be one of the following profiles available within schools :-

Pre-Primary Teachers for schools 

For teaching students in pre-primary classes, it is the sole responsibility of Pre-primary teachers to qualify this position.  

Primary Teachers for schools 

For teaching students from classes first to fifth, Primary teachers need to be qualified to enter the arena of teaching through B.Ed degree. 

TGT-Trained Graduate Teachers 

There are also vacancies for trained graduate teachers for those willing to teach the subsequent classes like above class 8th.

PGT- Post Graduate Teachers

As the level advances, post graduate teachers also come in place who are responsible for preparing their own study materials and impart best quality education to students till classes 12th in specialized subjects.

Student Counselors 

These days, the student counselors are also being hired for the purpose of counseling students and their parents about stream selection during 8th, 9th or mainly 11th. They not only prepare counseling questionnaires but also guide well, both students and their guardians about what their secure future could be.

As an obvious matter of fact, government jobs not only pay well but also marks you deemed respect and honor in the society, right?

So is the B.Ed degree as a professional course taking you a long way to a secure career, isn’t it? Let’s have a look upon what’s apart from government jobs that you could rely upon to secure a position as a B.Ed graduate.

Private Coaching Centers for you 

Desired to have your one and only coaching center to bring an identity to your teaching styles and techniques that everyone would love? Here’s what intrend these days – coaching centers and that too by recognised B.Ed degree holders play an important role in imparting way better after-school revision classes or coaching to students. 

Many students look ahead to have their personal mentor for better understanding what they actually learnt in schools.  

Subject Matter Experts Online

Online education through ed-tech apps also demands subject matter experts for their platforms now-a-days. Their primary role is to let students access the best online faculty specialized in various subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, and so on to guide students and solve their doubts online itself. 

For the same, these platforms release hiring for subject matter experts with qualified degrees such as a B.Ed or an integrated B.Ed with M..Ed/ M.Phil degree and so on. 

In the Education Department 

There are various other vacancies in the education department like education officer, which supervises all other sub-sectors within affiliated schools. Many of the government bodies within cities and villages keep posting for such requirements through B.Ed course job opportunities on their websites and portals. 

Online Tutors

As discussed, the online trend of education is coming ahead day-by-day since post Covid situations. Online tutors have never been less in demand since then. And if you’ve been pondering during and after the lockdown, What is the best job after B.Ed? Then online teaching is the best decision yet so far at present too. 

Many online platforms which are coming up with new ideas to impart the best online education to learners are always on hunt for qualified teachers with B.Ed degrees in hand to be their online teaching assistants to students. 

Lecturers in colleges and universities 

There are equally satisfying opportunities to look for in local and known colleges/ universities to apply as B.Ed qualified teachers and lecturers. Considered as one of the best career opportunities after B.Ed, many qualified people go for applying for similar posts they would qualify for, checking timely through college portals. 

What can I do after completing my B Ed?

Have an advanced degree if you feel like you need to explore more within the vast domain of teaching and education. Wish to have an advanced degree after completing B.Ed as a graduate accomplishment? You could go for higher degree courses like M.Ed, M.Phil, M.A., or even Ph.D. These degrees not only offer you advanced learning into setting a bright career but also pave new ways to take ahead your passions and ambitions in society.

The Bottom Line

Having read the above list of the best 7 suggestions. You’re almost set to clear the most blurry thoughts related to the best job opportunities after your B.Ed. Isn’t it? 

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Wish you all the best in future endeavors !!