The Funniest Bridal Shower Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower — a party to honor the bride where everyone admires her, congratulates and showers with gifts. Typically, a party takes place in an informal setting, so the entertainment should be selected accordingly. Take a few minutes to learn which free bridal shower games are the funniest, and the most effective for breaking the ice and helping guests unite around the bride.

The Funniest Bridal Shower Games to Choose from

Lucky you! You no longer need to surf the Internet looking for interesting bridal shower games. We offer you the top 5 that will 100% brighten up the leisure time of the party, defuse the atmosphere, and help the bride feel like a real star of the evening.

Paper Wedding Dress

This activity is number one on all lists of games for a bridal shower brunch. The meaning is quite simple, but the process is very funny. The big advantage is that even a minimum number of guests can play a paper dress game. Divide everyone into teams and distribute several rolls of toilet paper. Don’t forget that the teams’ creations are judged by a real bride. She decides which paper dress model is worthy of a prize.

Cake Topper

If you’re looking for classic wedding shower games that will make everyone laugh, this is it. As usual, guests are divided into small teams and receive plastic cups and a cake topper from the bride. Their task is to make the cake out of plastic cups and decorate it with a topper. The difficulty is that at the stage of decorating the cake cups fly apart, cakes fall and people simply smear toppers all around. Don’t get caught!

Two Truths and a Lie

How quickly can you understand what is true and what is not? You have a chance to try yourself in the role of a fortune teller or predictor and guess whether a person is telling the truth about himself or not playing one of the best bridal shower games.

Follow the rules — out of three facts about yourself, one must be fictitious. It all depends on how skillfully you can weave fictional facts into the story of your life.

Drink If

Meet another funny activity that is as popular as other wedding shower games. It’s just perfect for cocktail parties because it requires the loser to drink a cocktail, punch, or at least a shot.

What is the essence of free bridal shower games with alcohol? You can prepare cards in advance with interesting life events that can happen to every girl. For example, you had sex in the car or visited the gym on Sundays. The person who experienced the same life situation should drink a shot.

Bridal Shower Jeopardy!

If you are choosing from bridal shower games free options designed for a small company, this is an ideal variant. If possible, form three teams. You should have prepared questions about the bride or newlyweds and possible answers. The team must find the correct answers to all questions. The craziest answers are welcome.

How Many Unique Bridal Shower Games Should You Plan for a Party?

You will find a huge number of bridal shower games free on specialized web resources. How much will you need to not overload the evening but make it interesting? Usually, 3-4 games are enough for an evening. After all, at a bridal shower party, the guests not only play, but also eat, dance, and chat.

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