The Top 5 Swimwear Trends to Try this 2020

Swimwear Trends

Swimsuits are truly fun to wear, especially when it complements your figure and your sense of style well. In the past, wearing swimsuits was strictly prohibited, thanks to a highly conservative society. Presently, women now have more freedom to wear what they want, making it more fun to dress up or dress down for the occasion. 

More importantly, women’s wear designs are becoming more and more inclusive for all body types. An excellent example of inclusive women’s wear is the continuously booming plus size swimwear in Australia. Australia is known as one of the perfect destinations for surfers and beach lovers. Naturally, tourists who visit the lovely beaches in the great “Oz” would want to flaunt their most stylish bikinis and swimwear.  All year-round, the country is filled with fun-loving visitors who want to bask in the hot Australian sun and explore the diverse cultural flair that it has to offer. 

Swimwear Trends

Swimwear trends change yearly. A particularly new set of designs is introduced around summertime. Whether you’re a woman who prefers modest motifs or someone who wants to wear something daring and cool, keeping up with swimsuit trends and new styles can be quite fun.

Swimwear reflects a woman’s unique personality

Some of the best swimwear trends include nude one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline, sporty swimwear with a buckle belt, stylish cutouts, and floral patterns. 2020 has already had its fair share of adorable and breathtaking swimsuit trends. Check out the list below and see if you find a trend that suits your preferences.

#T-shirt top

This swimsuit trend takes inspiration from the retro t-shirt twist style. It combines a maxi crop top with a high cut bikini. It provides enough coverage—the perfect outfit for when you want to play beach volleyball with your friends.

#Bold colours

Gone are the days where bikinis are limited to 5 different shades. Swimwear is continuously taking on a more fearless trend, as evidenced in the bright neon colours introduced in most contemporary swimsuit collections.

#Animal prints

You read that right—animal prints are making a fashionable comeback! Tiger and leopard prints look sophisticated on any clothing. When paired with swimsuits, it gives off a daring and tasteful vibe.

#Lace-up swimsuits

Aside from bold colours and prints, swimwear with intricate laces and strap designs are also making quite a statement this 2020. The different patterns formed by each strap add a beautiful contrast over your sun-kissed skin.

#PVC bikinis

PVC material in bikinis suits women with a more badass sense of style. Feel like a Rockstar or a super spy when you don this particular type of unconventional swimwear.

Shining, shimmering splendid

From glittery Lumiere bikini to silver metallics, combining beachwear with disco-themed elements is now considered fashionable and iconic. After all, hanging out at the beach is always equivalent to having fun. As such, a sparkly swimsuit helps highlight the fun and free atmosphere.


If you want a romantic twist to your usual swimwear, why not give crocheted swimsuits a try? It can be flattering to any body type, and it will make heads turn.

Graphic prints and functional cuts

Plus size swimwear in Australia has no shortage of talented swimwear designers introducing innovative bikinis. From FELLA’s high-end and flirty swimwear to Peony’s sweet and modest designs, Australian women sure are lucky to have these designers offering them something new and beautiful every summer.

Whichever swimsuit trend you prefer, remember that confidence is still the best accessory you can wear and bring. Whether you’re petite, athletic, tall, curvy, or full-figured, feel comfortable in your skin and flaunt the exceptional beauty that you have!