How To Get A Criminal Record Suspended Quickly In Canada

Pardons Canada

If you have a criminal record in Canada, it can affect your personal, social, travel and professional life with some serious implications. Hence it is advisable that you make the best use of the legislative provision known as pardon or record suspension so that your criminal records will be concealed from the public viewing. Pardons Canada can open up new gates to a happy and successful life for you.

Eligibility for pardon

The eligibility for a pardon or record suspension following a conviction comes to you once you have served the sentence and crossed the waiting period. During this stage, you can apply for a pardon through the official channel. Accomplished pardons agencies in Canada can help you out with the records suspension process. Though you will have to spend money to get your records suspended, it is worth it considering the far-reaching benefits you get from the process once it is completed. Here is the fastest route to getting your criminal records suspended.

Conviction documents

To start with, you must first get your conviction documents. Gather your convictions, conditional as well as absolute discharges form and proof of conviction from the RCMP Ottawa.

Gather your court information

Court information is required for all of your convictions. This will mean the proof for paying the fines levied, surcharges paid to the victims, compensation and resolution. The method of the trail for every conviction must also be included. The method of the trail is going to decide your eligibility for pardon.

Get the local police record checks

You must get the police record check for each of the cities or towns where you lived till now during the past five years. This is applicable in cases where you lived in a place for more than three months only.

Fetch your citizenship documents

Depending on whether you were born in Canada or whether you started living in Canada, you must submit the citizenship or immigration documents accordingly as is the case with you. Note that expired documents will not be accepted. Also, do not send original documents. Send only photocopies.

Identity support document

Record suspension application must always accompany a copy of an identification support document like federal, provincial and municipal issued identity proof.

Fill in the forms

Those not convicted under schedule 1 offence that is non-pardonable are not needed to complete the exception form. Then, you must carefully fill in all the details asked in the record suspension application form. From the date of signing it, the record suspension form is valid only for 12 months. After this, you will have to submit a fresh form. Include the application processing fee payment details once you have made the payment through the approved channel. You must also fill in the measurable benefit or sustained rehabilitation form stating the way record suspension will benefit you.

Complete the checklist and submit the form

Once you complete the checklist and paid the fee, your form is ready for submission. Working with a good and reliable Canada Record Suspension agency will assist you to complete all these formalities very well and quickly.