8 Best Online Wholesale Clothing Sites for Your Boutique


In the fast-paced era of today, numerous investors are embarking on their entrepreneurial journeys. Among the various business options available, clothing stores stand out as a popular choice. However, it is natural for many investors to harbor doubts and uncertainties. This article aims to highlight the key message: when venturing into the clothing retail business, meticulous planning for your boutique is essential. A crucial aspect of this process is selecting the finest wholesale clothing supplier, which involves considering several competing factors such as:

  • Clothing Quality
  • Clothing Prices
  • Shipping Costs
  • Shipping Speed
  • Customer Service

After careful evaluation, I have curated a list of the top 8 wholesale vendors as follows:

1. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom is interesting in that they are one of only a couple companies that provide closeout deals. As far as I know, they collaborate with several LA fashion district brands to regularly liquidate their clothing inventory.  The bulk closeouts prices can be as low as $7.00. That’s why I highly recommend Bloom to numerous boutiques that are just getting started.

Any downsides? Evidently, they offer a limited wholesale off-price stock, and their items tend to sell out quickly, as reported by their customers.

With that said, if you can get your hands on their wholesale clothing good deals it’s worth the effort!Known for its efficient shipping services, Bloom Wholesale strives to deliver orders promptly, ensuring that customers receive their products in a timely manner.

LA fashion

2. Mio Wholesale

Mio Wholesale

A great up-side to Mio Wholesale is you can get a lot of great brands and consolidate the shipping in one order (saves a ton of money.) And they have always been known to have great customer service.

Price is not high but also not terribly low and discount codes are not offered. Considering the circumstances, it’s worth noting that you get what you pay for with Mio. If you prioritize having a top-notch product for your boutique, this vendor is an excellent choice.Mio Wholesale is committed to swift order processing and shipping, aiming to minimize delivery times and meet customer expectations.

meet customer expectations



I find a lot of trendy stuff on the clothing site Wholesale21. It’s crazy because it’s also cheaper, like half the price of what you get from fashion when it’s actually so cheap. Because of the same product, it is 30%-70% cheaper than other platforms. The main products it involves are: plus size jumpsuits for women, dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags, etc.

It’s very affordable, anyone can buy it from there, and you don’t need to buy a license, so it’s pretty easy. Although it is a B2B website, there is no minimum order quantity and you can buy at will. This option is great for those who don’t have much money or are just starting out with an online clothing store.

There is every reason to choose Wholesale21 clothing. The website takes pride in its swift shipping options, ensuring that wholesale orders are promptly dispatched to reach their destinations without any delays.

Wholesale21 clothing



FashionGo has established a longstanding presence as one of the major players in the wholesale clothing and wholesale accessories industry. It is likely familiar to you from fashion events or boutique gatherings, and their recent collaboration with the Magic show fashion event has further reinforced their widespread presence in the wholesale clothing industry.

FashionGo depends on the vendor fashion go is just a platform that connects you to the vendors. With a focus on providing a seamless shopping experience, Fashiongo prioritizes speedy shipping, getting orders to customers as soon as possible.


5)LA Showroom

LA Showroom

Much like Fashiongo, LA Showroom is a wholesale marketplace that specializes in offering a massive assortment of wholesale clothing and accessory options.  

They do definitely have a showroom in downtown l.a and that is a major player in denim right now. If you want those trendy boyfriend jean styles i definitely recommend going there because they have it for you.

If you are looking to buy wholesale and i love this vendor so much they have very affordable pieces they definitely um are good quality pieces and they are really really friendly.

The pieces i’ve ordered from them another one i had picked up for summer is this set right here so again very trendy super cute good quality that’s what it looks like super stretchy and i ordered from them all the time.

They are definitely a great vendor um i will continue to shop with them. LA Showroom is dedicated to timely order fulfillment and shipping, ensuring that buyers receive their merchandise promptly.

LA Showroom



Are you looking for the trendiest wholesale clothing on the market? , then Bellewholesale is the wholesale apparel collection you’ve been looking for! Their collection includes some of the trendiest wholesale bulk tops, showcasing casual, luxurious, and sexy clothing styles.You can all wholesale the latest styles in one stop, no MOQ.

Their collections are filled with classic silhouettes and fashion-forward contrasts, giving you endless options to suit your client’s needs.Known for its efficient logistics, Bellewholesale aims to expedite the shipping process, reducing waiting times for customers.

Belle wholesale

7)  Orangeshine 


Orangeshine, the wholesale clothing marketplace, can be considered as the younger sibling of FashionGo. It excels in various aspects, such as attracting wholesale vendors and distributors with low commission fees, and offers a user-friendly layout and design, making boutique purchases hassle-free.It was launched much later than FashionGo and is not yet regarded as the industry’s go-to marketplace.

Orangeshine is known for its reliable and efficient shipping services. They prioritize timely order processing and strive to dispatch wholesale orders promptly. The platform aims to ensure that customers receive their products within a reasonable timeframe, which contributes to a positive shopping experience.

shipping services



No matter what style of women’s clothing can be wholesaled on FashionTIY. On a daily basis, their platform updates with the latest clothing styles. Follow the latest trends. 10000+ styles to meet your wholesale needs.

Many wholesalers, retailers and resellers trust this B2B online platform.

All of my clothes are purchased here, the price is much lower, you can buy one piece, there is no MOQ limit. 

FashionTIY strives to offer competitive shipping options, delivering products promptly to clients.

online clothing wholesale

In conclusion, the aforementioned list presents the top 8 online clothing wholesale websites, highly recommended by trusted boutiques. When making your selection, consider your preferences and the specific styles you require. Each of these clothing wholesale websites, namely Bloom Wholesale, Mio Wholesale, Wholesale21, Fashiongo, LA Showroom, Bellewholesale, Orangeshine wholesale,and FashionTIY, boasts its unique advantages and diverse clothing styles.

Avoid choosing styles blindly; instead, align your choices with the store’s established aesthetic. While affordability is a valid consideration, the paramount factor lies in picking the right clothing wholesale website. Doing so will ensure that you achieve your goals with greater efficiency and success. By making a well-informed decision, you can optimize your boutique’s offerings and take your business to new heights.

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