Is an MBA Degree Really Worth it? Know the Pros and Cons

MBA Degree

Every stage during the study years is crucial in making a student’s career; one wrong step can become a setback for the student and a loss of money for the parents. And therefore, students go for the safest options that they know will provide them with the best syllabus and base to boost their career in the same.

While engineers opt for mechanical engineering the most, art enthusiasts opt for MA courses the most, similarly, business students go for MBA the most after finishing their graduation. 

MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is the most sought-after course as it has many benefits. Here’s all you need to know about MBA and if a degree in it is really worth it. 

What Is An MBA?

An MBA is a degree that aims to develop and polish necessary and advanced business skills in students to ace the world of business. However, MBA is not only helpful to make a career in the business industry but can also help management professionals work in the medical sector, IT sector, and other fields of work. This is because every work requires management to function smoothly, and MBA produces management professionals who can do so in the best way possible. 

There are various branches of MBA, which are as follows:

  • MBA in entrepreneurship 
  • MBA in marketing
  • MBA in operations management
  • MBA in finance
  • MBA in global management
  • MBA in engineering management 
  • MBA in consulting
  • MBA in management information systems
  • MBA in technology management
  • MBA in general management

One important thing to keep in mind is that before you select one of the MBA branches mentioned above, you should consider various factors. MBA has emerged to be the most trusted course; it not only gives you a good career boost but also a good Return On Investment.

Every course has its pros and cons. Here are some for MBA:


  • It Helps Develop Professional Relationships

To grow in the field of business, it is important to develop professional relations right from the beginning. When you enroll for a course in MBA, you get to meet other management professionals in the making. These connections can help you grow in the industry in future.

  • It Helps Ace The Necessary Management Skills

If you want to develop and polish your management skills, pursuing a course in MBA is the best decision you can make. This is because the MBA program’s module is formed in such a way that teaches how to deal with real-life situations wherein one needs to manage employees, their grievances, issues, and maintain the smooth functioning of the business.

There are many other courses that offer the same, but MBA is the most preferred option.

  • It Is A Flexible Base For Career

It has now become a trend to switch careers as individuals want to find which career path suits them the best. Certain courses may become redundant on switching your profile, but MBA is a flexible course that gives you the opportunity to switch your career field and still be able to excel in the same. Be it any field, management professionals will always be required, and therefore, management professionals are able to maintain a higher salary package in whichever field of work they go.


  • It Is Costly

Pursuing a course in MBA can prove to be costly for you. This is because pursuing a degree in MBA can cost you anywhere between 5-20 lacs. Choosing a good college can be costly; however, one can also opt for a course in MBA in a government college.

  • A Few MBA Colleges Give You A Solid Career Base 

Not all business schools can provide you with a good career start. It is important to have a good start in the world of business to grow at a good pace; this seems to be only possible if the student enrolls in the course in a reputed private college, which may cost a fortune in disguise of fee. 

  • Requires Time

An MBA course is of a duration of 2 years, and it requires dedicated time to complete the same. If you are thinking a part-time MBA can make up for it, it may not be the case. A part-time MBA may take time to complete because of the work schedule, resulting in delay in earning a good amount of money. 

One has to make sure that they are dedicatedly studying and are disciplined to get a degree in MBA.

Is An MBA Degree Really Worth It?

There is no doubt that an MBA degree is worth it. If we look at the pros and cons of taking up a course in MBA, we can surely see that the pros anyday overtake the cons. The best part is that you can pursue the course at any age. It is not important to get an MBA degree right after completing your graduation.

If you have decided to pursue a degree in MBA, you can get many good colleges offering the degree in India. If you reside in Maharashtra, you can find the best MBA colleges in Mumbai. If you are a management aspirant who has just completed their school, you can find good BBA colleges in Mumbai.

Among a plethora of management colleges in Mumbai, you can opt for UBS, which is one of the reputed business schools. You can understand the MBA admission process and pursue a degree in MBA at this well-known business school. You can also opt for UBS MBA placement to kickstart your career. The business school also offers executive MBA programs to specialize in the course further.


There are many factors to consider when you choose a degree to specialize in a career path. There are many courses that have gained popularity as they offer benefits and the base to get your dream job and salary. MBA is one of the post graduation courses that is mostly preferred by management aspirants. 

Many people consider pros and cons of a degree before pursuing it. MBA, too, has its pros and cons. While its pros include developing professional relationships, helping in acing the necessary skills, acting as a flexible base for various career fields, and more, its cons include higher cost, a few MBA colleges offering good placement, and time commitment. However, the pros anyday fall heavily on the cons, making the degree worth pursuing.

If you reside in Maharashtra, you can find many reputed business schools, such as UBS. So, enroll in the best business school, pursue a degree in MBA, and give a boost to your career in management!