7 Simple Beauty Tips for Your Sun-Sensitive Skin This Summer

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Do you love the sun, but your skin does not? Some people’s skin is sensitive to the sun. If yours is the same, then you know that you must take extra care of your precious skin. When one’s skin is enemies with the sunlight, there are many possible signs visible to the eyes. Some get so red and itchy while others even find their skin painful. Others also experience tiny bumps on their skin as well as blisters.

Some people’s sun-sensitive skin might have less serious cases while others may have more serious ones. Aside from seeking medical attention and doing what the doctor advises, you also need to do things on your own which are automatic but sometimes overlooked or ignored. Some of them are simple things that preserve the beauty and health of your skin.

Below are points which might be considered beauty tips for you to protect your sun-sensitive skin:


Some don’t like its stickiness and feel, but sunscreen is one of the most important weapons you can use to shield your skin from the sun. Choose the right SPF for your skin. Gentle content is best. Apply the right amount on all of your skin portions, most significantly the highly exposed areas.

Make sure to consult your doctor too, most especially if necessary, so that you can ask the type of sunscreen product your skin is permitted to. You need it to vitally protect your skin from the sun’s stinging heat and the consequences of ultraviolet rays contact.

The skin can acquire some conditions if you treat skin protection as a less important concern than others. Aside from your sensitive skin’s reaction, other issues like skin pigmentation can occur and the worst is skin cancer eventually.


Part of these beauty tips list is fashion. Well, it’s subtle fashion and more on protection, really.

Whenever you’re going out, especially if you have family reunions by the beach or swimming plans with your squad, make sure that you bring with your accessories that will help cover your skin.

Bring out your sunglasses! Put on your cool caps and beautiful hats! These fashionable accessories won’t make it obvious that you’re just afraid of the sun. They will make you look better as they add more style to your look.

Hats with wide brims are best in securing your facial skin! The zones under your eyes prone to getting darkened and itchy can be helped with sunglasses that are not just awesome in style but have UV protection features and special lens coatings most importantly.


A lot of people hate bringing an umbrella. They think it’s just a burden, and most of them think that it’s not all the time useful. Some believe that it is only necessary when it’s raining hard, but nope! The umbrella is equally important when it’s sunny!

Hats and caps protect your face, but an umbrella covers more part of your skin including your upper body. Be friends with the umbrella. It may not be always utilized but it can aid you a lot when the rain pours hard or when the sunbeams intensely!


Your initial protection from the sun and its effects is your clothing. Choose what you wear going outside. Wear clothes that cover your arms necessarily. Avoid sleeveless clothes or those that have thin material wherein the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate and do its harmful job.

If you’re going to the beach and for a sunbathing in summer, think carefully and make sure you know how to do it. It’s not just soaking yourself under the sun. There’s duration you must follow and the right time you must take note of. If you’re swimming, it’s better for you to wear a completely covered swimwear. You can enjoy while guarding your skin.


When you’re outside, waiting for your ride, randomly standing, walking or jogging, find an area where there’s shade. Whenever possible, don’t choose uncovered places; under the shade is a safer place for your skin. It won’t hurt your skin and your feelings too.


Hydrate and look after your skin and lips after exposure to the sun. Washing your face is a good way to do that. Make sure that you use clean water and only the proper skincare products effective and safe for you. In that way, you also get to cleanse your face and remove residues of dirt caused by numerous pollutants.


If you have your favourite time of the day, the sun also has its own. When the heat is a scorching kind of heat, it’s better to stay in the house and not to attempt to step out of it. Aside from the feeling is sticky and hurtful to the head, it can, even more, trigger your skin’s sensitivity.



Any kind of skin must be defended from the sun’s heat because the harms of it choose no skin. It can be dangerous to anyone when too much and when unprotected. Especially if your skin needs extra medical attention and protection, you have to be more mindful and effortful.
Particularly and especially during the summer season, Mr Sun gets hotter than ever. It’s a long-awaited fun time wherein everyone gets to breathe, relax and take vacations, but you must keep in mind to take care and be aware of your skin more and more as you get exposed to the summer’s sun.  


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body and encourages others to care about theirs too through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health.