Gas Stoves Vs Induction Cooktop: Which is Best?

Gas Stoves and Induction Cooktops

Gas Stoves Vs Induction Cooktop

Gas Stoves and Induction Cooktops are equally popular but there had been a never-ending debate regarding which one is better. Well, we are not going to give our opinion on which one is better but we are going to build a case against each of these so that you can decide which one is better. Here are some of the points that you need to consider before you reach a conclusion

Gas Stoves and Induction Cooktops

Gas Stove vs Induction Cooktops

Familiarization–The first thing that you need to consider is familiarization. The fact is that if you are using a gas stove since ages then you would have a little difficulty initially in using the induction cooktops. Moreover, the gas stoves give you an idea of the heat by looking at the flame but it might be difficult for you to judge the setting by looking at the temperature on an induction cooktop.

Utensils– The next thing that you need to know is that not all utensils are compatible with induction cooktop whereas you can use any utensil with the gas stove. If you do not have the induction cooktop compatible utensils then you would also need to invest in those before you start using induction cooktop.

Efficiencyand Running Cost– As a matter of fact, inductioncooktops are more efficient than gas stoves. The cost of using the induction cooktop is also less. Yes, it depends on the state you live in and the cost of electricity but on an average, the induction cooktops are much cheaper to use

Ease of Installation– If you plan to use gas stove then youneed to ensure that your kitchen is ready for it. There needs to be the pipeline running across for the gas connection and that is one of the primary concerned. For the induction cooktop, you just need an electrical socket to start using it.

Initial Cost – The initial cost for purchase of induction cooktop is a little higher than the cost that you may incur while purchasing the gas stove. The cost may even go higher if you do not have pots that can be used on induction cooktop as you would need to purchase those as well. For cost comparison and product review you can see this site

Safety– The next concern is safety. The fact is that the induction cooktops are much safer than the gas stoves will ever be. There is no risk of gas leakage which can cause fire and there is a very minimal risk of getting a burn because of the direct flame. 

Maintenance– The last point to consider is maintenance. The gas stoves are difficult to maintain and they are also difficult to clean. You need to be careful about the pipeline as well whereas, the induction cooktops are very easy to clean and you can easily wipe them off using a clean cloth.

So, these are the points that you might want to consider while deciding which one is better among gas stoves and induction cooktops. You can choose the one which suits your needs and which you are comfortable with.