How to Prepare for SBI Clerk Without Coaching?

SBI Clerk

State Bank of India (SBI) conducts a recruitment exam for Clerical cadre every year to fill over 8000 vacancies. Lakhs of aspirants apply and appear for the SBI Clerk exam, hence, the level of competition is very high. Aspirants preparing for SBI Clerk often say how they can prepare for the exam without coaching. Is it possible? Here in this article, we have discussed a few preparation tips which can help you prepare for the exam. 

SBI Clerk Preparation Tips 

There are two phases in the SBI Clerk exam – Phase I is the Preliminary exam and Phase II is the Main exam. Candidates are recruited for the given post only if they pass in all the stages of the recruitment process by obtaining the minimum cut off marks as set by SBI. You can check the preparation tips for the SBI Clerk exam below. 

Start with topics with maximum weightage

It is better to go through the SBI Clerk syllabus before you start preparing for the exam. Based on the exam syllabus, identify the topics with maximum weightage. Also, students should prepare for the exam as per the syllabus given by SBI and not study beyond it as it has been observed that the questions asked in the exam are as per the syllabus. Make sure to practice all questions from each topic. 

Watch video tutorials for a better understanding

If you have any doubt about any topic, you can search for that topic online and watch tutorial videos of the same. Many coaching institutes, subject experts upload videos for helping students in their preparation. Watching these video tutorials can help you to understand the basics of the topic and can easily revise all the important topics of the exam. 

Practice mock tests 

For preparing for any competitive exam, candidates should attempt more or more mock tests. Also, one important thing to do is that after attempting the mock, always and always analyze the test. Identify the topics which you find difficult, mistakes that you did, etc, and ensure that you do not repeat these mistakes in the next mock test. 

Do not guess mark too much in the paper

Many aspirants sometimes mark answers even though they are not confident about it in hope that it shall be correct. However, it is to be noted that there is a negative marking. Hence, aspirants when attempting the paper should remember this. Only mark options which you are confident about. Guess marking too much in the paper can affect your SBI Clerk result

Maintain your time wisely during the exam

Remember that you have only limited time to complete the test. Hence, the aspirants must utilize their time wisely during the exam. Do not get stuck to one question for more than 2 minutes. Don’t be afraid to move onto the next question if you are unable to solve the question immediately. Once you have completed the test, you can go back to the questions that you left earlier and try solving them. 

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