6 Great Gifts for This Holiday Season

6 Great Gifts for This Holiday Season

We all know the feeling that buying gifts for the holidays can garner. The confusion of it all! What if they don’t like what you buy? Maybe it’s best to just buy them a goofy sweater and go back to scrolling through Instagram, Reddit, Grande Vegas online casino USA, or what have you…

Maybe it’s just better to them get a gift card and not deal with it? But, be not afraid! With a little thinking, there is a great gift you can get for everyone that they will appreciate. All you have to do is think about who it is you are buying for, and what they like. So, here are a few classic gift ideas to get your mind going!


Money is a universal gift that will please almost anybody. This is precisely the reason why it’s the first item on the list. It is a gift for everyone, but it is not a great gift for everyone. Money will never have any sentimental value. Money is actually the exact opposite of sentimental. It will make someone happy to have it, but it is not a great gift for someone you love. It gives the impression that you don’t care enough to try and pick a gift they would like.

This is not to say that you should never give someone money as a gift. Depending on the situation, money could be the greatest gift you could give someone. For instance, giving money to a new couple as a holiday gift could mean the world to them. You are helping them on their journey in life to be independent.

So, although money can seem like a cold gift, it could be just the kind of gift you need. And, who knows? Maybe if you know the person would want just money to buy something for themselves they would appreciate you more for it.


A classic gift that almost everyone would appreciate. A thoughtfully given book can have an immense impact on someone’s life. Maybe they will identify with the author or a character and get through a tough time. Or maybe, it will help them become a better person by indirectly setting forward moral or philosophical ideas they may not have thought about.

The truth is, no matter who you are giving a book to there is bound to be something for everyone. If you have a more religious friend, perhaps a nice edition of the Bible, or maybe a commentary on it. Does the receiver love fantasy? Perhaps they are more of a sci-fi kind of person? Well, it’s a good thing those genres started on the pages! No matter their interests, a book is probably a safe bet if you put some thought into it.

Kitchen Utensils

I don’t care who you are, you probably could use some sort of kitchen utensil. Whether it’s a high-quality knife that they could use for practically anything they cook, or just simply a nice frying pan, people will appreciate things that they will use. Of course, it is important to make sure you don’t buy something that they don’t need, so you might want to find a way to discover what kinds of tools they could use.

Or perhaps, another option would be to buy them something you know they wouldn’t normally use! This way, it gives them a reason to experiment with new things! Perhaps you could buy them a pizza stone so they could take a whack at some home-cooked pie. Or maybe a drink shaker to experiment with different kinds of cocktails, or even non-alcoholic beverages.

The idea is to give them the tools to make memories and experiences. After all, those are what we hold most precious to ourselves. We don’t lie on our deathbeds thinking about our wealth or how nice our hair was most of the time. We think about the things we have experienced. Memories are the greatest gifts of all.

Exercise Equipment

The sad truth is that in most of the world now, people have the unfortunate circumstance of being stuck indoors. They aren’t allowed to go out, and can’t get to a gym or even go for a run. So, what could be a thoughtful gift? Exercise equipment.

As I said previously in the article, people appreciate gifts they can, and will, use. Exercise equipment is a great way to give somebody something they will use. And now, more than ever, people need ways to keep themselves occupied. And maybe, more importantly, keep themselves healthy. I think that could be more important in this gift. It doesn’t just give them something they can use, it shows a level of love. You want them to be healthy, and you show them this through your actions. And, that will be appreciated even if they don’t use the gift.

Something Crafted

People cherish those things they can’t replace easily. For many people, this might mean their expensive possessions, but I think for a great deal more people it is items that have sentimental value. Parents covet drawings made by their young children.

A man might covet a gift from his brother. People like things that remind them of other things they like. And, the things people usually like most of all are people they love. Friends and family are the people we would give up almost everything for.

So, what is something that could be a great gift for someone? Something that they will cherish. An item that will be special to them in a way an item that was bought could never be. So, make something! Take a crack at making something special for someone specific.

The most important thing to remember is that the item doesn’t need to be expensive, or even made that well. You don’t have to be a master artisan to touch someone’s heart. You just have to try your best. People will see the love and effort you put in. They will love the item not for it, but for you.


You are the greatest gift you could give someone. If someone is poor and cannot afford gifts for anyone, are they rejected at a gathering? No, they are loved for coming. People like to share their experiences. People like to make memories.

Therefore, you are the greatest Gift Ideas you could give someone. If you show a smile, act inviting, and are friendly with people they will appreciate it more than any gift.

I put “yourself” and “something crafted” as two separate items on this list. However, a crafted item is dependent on you. If they don’t like you, then they wouldn’t want to be reminded of you. This actually applies to any gift. People will appreciate things more if they appreciate you.

So, maybe you shouldn’t blow off that invitation to your in-laws? Even if you don’t want to, just being a nice person can impact those you know more than you might think. After all, experiences and memories are the greatest Gift Ideas. Do you want people to remember you fondly, or with malice?

Or, perhaps maybe worst of all, not at all? So put on a smile! Even if they don’t appreciate it, you can still do it for you. You will be all the better for it.