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Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, a well-known child actress, was born in Los Angeles on January 6, 2009. She is the middle child of Ben and Jennifer Affleck. Samantha Garner is Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck’s younger sister, and Violet Affleck is her older sister. Seraphina Elizabeth Affleck stands about 4 feet 8 inches tall. Her brown hair and strong likeness to her famous older sister Violet have contributed to her celebrity. Seraphina was just six years old when her parents divorced. Seraphina was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her parents’ separation saddened her.

Although little is known about her scholastic background, she appears to prosper in class and earn decent scores. Seraphina’s birth was the focus of attention. However, seraphina Elizabeth Affleck’s Hebrew name means “burning ones.” The angelic hosts of God are also mentioned in Jewish texts.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck Early Life

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 6, 2009. Her full name is Seraphina Rose Affleck, and she is 13 years old. Saturday, January 6 was her big day. Her parents split when she was six years old. Her academic background is unknown, although rumours suggest that she is doing well in class. Wikimedia Commons has a collection of Rose Seraphina Elizabeth Affleck-related files.

Rose Serafina Elizabeth Affleck, the celebrity couple’s daughter, is an adolescent. However, on January 6, they commemorate her special day. Seraphina, on the other hand, is only 4 feet 8 inches tall. Seraphina’s precise size and build remain unknown.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck Family

Rose Seraphina Elizabeth Affleck is the second child of Ben and Jennifer Affleck. Her sister is Violet Affleck, and her brother is Samuel Garner Affleck.

Seraphina Rose’s uncle is Casey Affleck, an American actor and director who married actress Phoenix from 2006 to 2017. Furthermore, eraphina Rose’s parents live in different parts of Los Angeles. Seraphina’s father, Ben Affleck, lives in Brentwood, Los Angeles, with his German Shepherd, a small white mongrel dog, and his girlfriend, Ana de Armas (34).

Rose Seraphina Ben and Jennifer Affleck adopted Elizabeth Affleck and her siblings. Jennifer, his mother, is more involved in his scholastic and athletic endeavours, such as visiting practices and games. Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck’s brother, is a well-known actor who married American actress Summer Phoenix from 2006 to 2017.


However, the controversy surrounding Seraphina Rose has garnered near-universal attention. Ben and Jennifer Affleck are Elizabeth’s parents. Even though she was married and he was engaged, they started dating. They initially met while filming a movie together in 2000.

They were both engaged when they met two years later on a project, but they ended up falling in love. Unlike Jennifer, who divorced her husband shortly after the film’s debut, Ben had to wait two years. In June 2005, they held a small wedding. However, Jennifer married early in her pregnancy and gave birth to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Furthermore, after ten years of marriage, the pair appeared happy for a while before suddenly divorcing. They did, however, decide to raise their child as a couple.


Rose Serafina Elizabeth Affleck enjoys playing soccer with her family, especially her younger brother and, sometimes, their parents.

She, like you, experiments with different activities. Also, she began karate training at four and has continued her studies. She accomplished this by enrolling in ballet lessons.

Body Measurements

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck’s height is currently unknown at the age of twelve. However, her profile will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the most recent information on the actress’s height, weight, body measurements, eye colour, hair colour, shoe size, and garment size.

The scenario of Dating and Relationships

So, she currently does not have a boyfriend. Right now, no one has a boyfriend or girlfriend. There is complete silence. Her romantic history. She does not have any children, according to our records.

Net Worth

A considerable amount of her fortune was amassed between 2020 and 2021. Seraphina Rose Elizabeth turns 12 this year; how wealthy is she? Seraphina Affleck is an actress who relies largely on her work for financial support. She is an American who was born in the United States. However, seraphina Affleck’s fortune, money, salary, income, and assets have all been calculated.


  • What is Seraphina Affleck’s height?

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck is four feet eight inches tall.

  • What is Seraphina Affleck’s age?

Affleck, Seraphina On January 6, 2022, he will turn 13 years old.

  • Is Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck a girl or a boy?

Seraphina Affleck is the daughter of well-known actors Ben and Jennifer Affleck.

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