Enjoy Cheap Car Rental Under 25 in Orlando

Cheap Car Rental

Are you planning a tour to Orlando, Florida? Well, if yes, then the most likely way to explore this beautiful terrain is by renting a car. It will not be a problem as there are a number of rental car offices offering you the service at Orlando-Airport, FL. However, if you are an under 25 driver, then you may come across some issues. 21 is the minimum age to rent a car in Orlando, but a surcharge policy is applicable on all the renters below the age of 25. Hence, before making an educated decision about your car rental make sure you compare the rental car prices in Orlando of different companies and check out the car rental Orlando under 25 fees.

If you are below the age of 25, then you need to pay a compulsory young driver fee which covers your possibility of accidents and risks that young drivers may get into. Hence, the total rental cost is around 10-40% costlier for those who aged below 25. For example, if the price of car rental in Orlando is $30 to $50 per day as per the kind of car you have rented, its package and fuel, then you need to pay an additional fee of $15 to $40 daily if you are under 25. The fee varies depending on the rental tenure, category of car booked and your driving skills.

How to rent a car under 25 in Orlando?

All you need to do is choose you selected pick-up location and return location, date and time of pick-up and drop-off and commence your search. Before you hire, make sure you have mentioned your age and place correctly and then proceed.

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In order to get your under 25 car rental in Airport Florida, you have to provide these documents:

  • International driver’s license: Make sure you have an International Driving Permit.
  • It is important to have an insurance.
  • Bank card: It is essential to make payments for fuel and car hire. Make sure you have a credit card as most companies don’t accept debit cards.

If you don’t have any of the documents, then you may not be allowed to pick-up your car.

Ways to get cheap rental Orlando under 25:

  1. Make sure you have done the booking in advance.
  2. Keep track of the price changes after reservation. Sometimes prices may fall and you may get revived rates.
  3. Try to pick up and drop off at the same time to get a full day rent covered.
  4. Collect and return the vehicle in Orlando to avoid one-way fee.
  5. Book a normal car so that you aren’t charged excessively for sports vehicles.
  6. If you are a part of the groups mentioned here, then you may get your young-driver fee waived- military and government, business tour, USAA membership or AAA membership.   

Make sure you enquire about your eligibility and then proceed for payment. CARNGO is your one-stop solution to get car rental Orlando under 25 at reasonable rates, without any hassle. To book your under 25 car rental here, contact us today!

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