Wedding Band Styles For the Fashion Conscious Man

Wedding Band Styles

Wedding bands are a great way of showcasing your sense of style and personality on your big day. Unfortunately, there are limited choices for men. You must be smart enough to pick a stunning timepiece that will leave heads turning. This shouldn’t bother you, though! You can choose from the many gold, platinum, or silver pieces available. The style is also worth mentioning, and you should pick one to match your outfit.

What are the key aspects to consider when shopping for men’s wedding bands?

First of all, think of the band material. It determines the band’s durability and how it blends with other fashion accessories. The common materials include; gold, silver, and platinum. Gold symbolizes a sense of class and will stand out on any occasion. Gold bands come in many variations; these can be yellow, white, and rose gold. You’ll get these and more from the Mens Tungsten Wedding Band collection.

Platinum is yet another popular choice. It features a soft white color and is visually appealing. It’s highly durable and is favorite among many since it doesn’t reveal scratches or dents. Other aspects to consider are the width, fit, and finish.

  • Width: The width is one of the most important considerations when buying men’s wedding bands. The average width is about 8 mm. However, you’ll get the bands in varying widths allowing you to choose what fits you best.
  • Fit– Your wedding band should slide over the knuckle but still fit snugly.
  • Finish: There are various finish styles to match your preferences. You can go to a matte, satin, high-polish, or sandblasting finish. 

What are the styles to consider?

  1. Classic low dome

The classic low dome comes in plain or patterned, depending on your preferences. This simple and exquisite band design has stood the test of time. The reason? It never goes out of style and is perfect for anyone who prefers small rings. You’ll get this wedding band in a wide range of materials and can choose from white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. 

  1. Plain bands

Plain bands have been in existence for decades. They are simplistic and serve anyone who fancies that simple look. Plain wedding bands are timeless styles and mostly feature platinum, 18K white or yellow gold. With these bands, you can choose matching metal materials for your bride.

  1. Classic knife-edge

The classic knife edge is a sleek design that looks thinner than its usual size. It draws a lot of attention to its edge and is popular for its unique optical illusion. You’ll get these ring styles in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. It features 5mm width and is ideal for men who prefer thick rings that appear thinner.

  1. Carved dome

This is an eye-catching piece. You’ll get in either white or yellow gold since it serves both worlds. It usually features 5 mm width and strands out due to its distinct shape.

In summary, there are various wedding band styles in the market. These come in varying materials, fit, and width, and it’s easy to get what matches your taste. However, it’s advisable to examine the ring and choose are durable band.