How To Manage Chronic Pain Issues During The Covid-19 Lockdown?

How To Manage Chronic Pain Issues During The Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 has increased the total number of infections. In the first half of 2020, the infected rate is around 10 million people. Around 5 lakhs people lost their lives. This resulted in a lockdown and other restrictions like 

  • Social Distancing
  • Travel restrictions
  • Avoid visiting healthcare centers unnecessarily
  • Stay at home quarantine

It is crucial to take care of health care workers. They are having high exposure to the Covid-19. To prevent this situation, telemedicine is a key tool. This technology helps doctors to provides a good healthcare service to patients. 

Impact Of Covid-19 On Chronic Pain Patients:

Chronic pain is a big medical issue that affects one-third of the world population. It is the reason for causing disability worldwide. This will cause an impact on the quality of life. Chronic pain comes with mood and anxiety disorders. 

Chronic pain causes several risk factors including

  • Smoking
  • Advanced Age
  • Obesity

To control the Coronavirus Pandemic, people need to maintain social distancing. This led to people feeling lonely. The health condition affects the mental health of people. Some of the mental disorders include,

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression

Chronic pain patients need to avoid exposure to Covid-19. They need to maintain their health properly. Patients having Covid-19 will have an increased chance to get chronic pain. 

There is a great need to take care of chronic patients. They need to get good care from doctors. There is a great need to expand the healthcare services for them.

Covid-19 Pandemic Chronic Pain Patients During :

Chronic Pain Patients may have a higher risk to get Covid-19. CPPs need several treatments for which they visit hospitals. Cancer patients require to take Chemotherapy for immune suppression. 

In the lockdown period, CPPs can’t go out to get treatment. Most of the patients are not getting appointments. If such patients are not getting treatment, it will cause depression in them. There is a doubt for the lives of such CPPs without treatment. If the healthcare professionals don’t give treatment, it will cause

  • Health problems for CPPs
  • Problems for society and the healthcare system
  • Affect short-term and long-term providers

CPPs may suffer from several disorders including

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress

Some of the reasons that affect CPPs are

  • Social distancing
  • Closing of exercise centers, counseling services, and physiotherapy
  • Isolation
  • Travel Restriction

How To Manage Chronic Pain Issues?


Telemedicine is a rescue management vehicle. It helps to manage CPPs through an excellent option. Telemedicine provides enough support and health care services online. 

Chronic pain management needs several visits to hospitals for diagnosis. Doctors can consider telemedicine for CPPs in this pandemic situation. Telemedicine helps to reduce the risk of exposure to CPPs. This technology eases the difficult healthcare system.

Online Health Communities:

Telehealth provides closed communication between patients and doctors. Patients can get support from online health communities. One of the chronic diseases is psoriasis. For this condition, there are online health communities. 

CPPs who are having doubts about health issues can ask queries. You will get some ideas for your queries in the online group. 

The Covid-19 is creating a great need to care for serious patients. Such patients suffer from Covid-19. Physicians are busy handling such ICU patients. To manage CPPs, they use digital solutions. Some of them are

  1. Online health communities
  2. AI-based chatbots
  3. Telehealth platforms