Top 11 Psychic Reading Sites Right Now

Psychic Reading Sites

These are the top 12 psychic reading sites right now. If you’re feeling lost, you can find spiritual guidance online to help you on your journey. Nowadays, many spiritually gifted advisors are available easily through digital platforms. In fact, one in five Americans has consulted a psychic before, with 32% seeking to know about their future. We have reviewed the top psychic sites that can assist you in finding direction on your spiritual path. Also, these sites will help you to find out the best sites for you. Let us find the best ones for you. 

California Psychics

California Psychics offers readings by experts with different psychic abilities and tools like crystals or oracle cards. Also, advisors are ranked as “Premier,” “Rising Stars,” and “New.” The blog provides details about psychic tools and abilities. You can get exclusive discounts and earn credits with the Karma Rewards program for future readings. They have many wonderful offers for newcomers, making it a fun experience. California Psychics is a great place to explore psychic readings and have a good time. You can have a good time with it. It is really good. The services are also great. You can download and see it. 


Keen has a diverse community of reliable psychics who build trustworthy and meaningful relationships with their customers. Their website offers you a variety of services. You will like them. If you’re not satisfied with a reading, Keen’s satisfaction guarantee may give you up to $25 in credit for future readings. Many people have consulted it. And they were satisfied. It is quite good. You can also check out its services. Perhaps you have a question that they can answer. Keen did answer many people’s questions. It will also help you out. It is a really good app. You will learn that it is a really accurate app. And the services offered are diverse and really good. It is value for money. 

California Psychics
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Psychic Source

Psychic Source has a detailed profile section where you can check availability, read customer reviews, and learn about the clairvoyants through their bios. The website allows you to filter your search based on specific tools, specialties, topics, communication methods, and reading styles.

Also, the site is regularly updated and offers 24/7 live chat support and comprehensive FAQ pages covering pricing and reader screening. Furthermore, you’ll also find informative articles on the homepage, giving insights into the psychics’ expertise and experiences. Moreover, Psychic Source offers a risk-free guarantee, ensuring a refund if you’re not satisfied with your reading.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is an online psychic platform with many advisors available on its app for iOS and Android. You can use chat, voice, and video features on your phone or computer. The website has filters to find top-rated psychics for love, palm, angel, or dream readings. The home page shows featured advisors ranked by “Accuracy,” “Trending,” and “Top Rated.” You can also share your experience with a psychic on the community platform. Advisor profiles include their experience and introductory videos to help you find the right match. Purple Garden is a user-friendly platform for psychic readings.

Psychic Source
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When you visit Ava’s site, you’ll see an automated fortune-telling service that asks interesting questions like, “How lucky do you feel?” Moreover, by providing your date of birth, first name, and email, you can get a free tarot interpretation, daily horoscope news, and a sensory reading about your near future (events in the next month). Moreover, the reading highlights special dates to watch out for in the next four weeks. Also, the psychic interpretation focuses on your hopes, wishes, and dreams, promising happiness and sometimes discussing fears or negative emotions to get your attention. Ava also offers free benefits like protective talismans, significant dates, and positive affirmations to boost your outlook on the future and inspire belief in positive outcomes. It is a really nice app. You will like it a lot. 


Kasamba has experienced advisors helping people with love, happiness, career, and self-empowerment for over 30 years. You can communicate through chat, phone calls, or email to get to know your advisor before booking a session. Furthermore, they offer unique spiritual readings like rune casting and remote viewing by real clairvoyants. Also, Kasamba covers a wide range of psychic specialties, including spirituality, religion, mediums, love readings, and tarot. Moreover, they even have clairvoyants online for aura readings and mediumship, making the experience special and mystical. Kasamba is a great place to find guidance and explore the spiritual world. Furthermore, Kasamba is a quirky name. 

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Oranum is a unique spiritual community where you can see and connect with readers before booking a session. Furthermore, they offer various creative methods, like energy work and sound bowl meditations. If you’re unsure which psychic to choose, they have a top 100 live psychics list to help you decide. Oranum also provides a social media experience where you can follow your favorite diviners, view their stories, and message them directly. Also, you can watch psychics performing tarot, dream interpretation, or numerology live before getting a reading. Moreover, you can even send virtual gifts to advisors, and sometimes they’ll give you small life readings in return.


AskNow focuses on providing accurate life readings with detailed profiles of top-rated psychics. While they have fewer readers, they still offer valuable insights. Moreover, their “Psychic Spotlights” highlight specific advisors, and the video page explains psychic readings to help you prepare. Furthermore, you can receive daily and weekly horoscopes based on your zodiac sign through emails, connecting you to the stars. Also, AskNow’s article section covers various psychic topics like dreams, pets, and supernatural phenomena, adding to their unique features. Overall, AskNow aims to give you a high-quality psychic experience with personalized guidance for your life journey.


Mysticsense is a new and reliable psychic platform with skilled psychics in areas like mediumship, career, healing, and intuition. They offer helpful resources, like tips to avoid scams and the importance of reviews. You can connect with them on social media too. They put customer safety first with a money-back guarantee and strict rules for psychics. You can get help anytime with 24/7 support and an FAQ section. They also care about your well-being, providing self-help advice, and warning against overspending on readings. Mysticsense ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all their customers. The advisors are nice. The app is helpful. They will help you. Also, you will heal better. It is one of the best in the business.

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The Circle

TheCircle is an affordable psychic service from the UK with lots of experience. They choose skilled psychics carefully. With their membership, you get free reading minutes, access to your favorite psychics, and fun articles and games. The user reviews help you find the right advisor. The psychics offer different reading methods like mediumship and cartomancy through phone or chat. You can also find psychic reading deals on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. TheCircle is a trustworthy option for psychic guidance. There are a lot of options. You can choose from them. Plenty of people use it. TheCircle even sounds mysterious. Like a secret group of magicians. Also, it is a really great site.


Nebula is a cutting edge app. It is for new age seekers. Also, it has plenty of features. It gives you a fresh take on astrological practices. The site is pretty genuine. You can have conversations with many astrologers. At the same time, you can schedule appointments. There is a varied amount of reading material available. You can have as many sessions as you want. It will also give you a free report if you so wish. Nebula is the app for you. You can download and give it a try. What’s more, you can choose from three hundred experienced clairvoyants. Truly, it is a versatile app. You will grow to like it a lot. It will prove to be value for money. Doesn’t matter what kind of question you have. Nebula likely has an answer for you. And it will not disappoint you. 

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