Who is Raquel Pedraza? Know Sbout the National Tennis Player of America

Raquel Pedraza

Tennis is an interesting sport that the audience loves to watch. Many tennis players amuse people with their game moves and techniques. One such exceptional tennis player is Taylor Fritz who holds the 8th rank in the world. Also, his ex-wife Raquel Pedraza is another fantastic player who has achieved great things in her career. 

Further, this famous duo first found love through their biggest passion which is tennis. The news of Raquel Pedraza and Taylor Fritz’s marriage is trending news on the internet in 2016. Later the split of the couple was upsetting for many. Still, Raquel Pedraza is doing great in her career and reaching new heights. Let us see more details about Raquel Pedraza the national tennis player of America. 

Raquel Pedraza age and Family Background 

Born in 1998 Raquel Pedraza is an aspiring tennis player from Fountain Valley, California. As of 2023, she is 25 years old and a citizen of America. She belongs to a mixed-race family. Her father is from Mexico and speaks both Spanish and English. 

Her mother is from America and her parents raised her as kid in the city. Raquel has a younger brother who she grew up with in America. Here is more detail about the marriage and divorce of Pedraza. 

Raquel Pedraza Marriage, children and divorce

Raquel and Taylor met each other during a tennis match. Sharing the same career ended up well for the couple as they found love in each other. After dating for a brief time the couple decides to marry in 2016. It was a romantic moment for the couple when Taylor proposed to Raquel in Paris. Taylor planned the best spot underneath Eiffel Tower to confess his love. Raquel did not think twice but said yes right away to Taylor. The life of these tennis players started well as they enjoyed married life together. In a private ceremony, they also exchange their vows to spend the rest of their life with each other. 

Raquel Pedraza Marriage

However, their marriage life did not go as planned. Conflicts and issues in marriage life ended in divorce for them in 2019. The marriage of Taylor and Raquel lasted only three years. There are no clear reasons for their divorce but the news soon spread across the internet. From their three-year-long marriage, the couple has a son Jordan. 

Raquel Pedraza life after divorce and net worth 

Raquel Pedraza is single now. However, her ex-husband started to date other women immediately after the divorce. Taylor is now with Morgan Riddle and their relationship is going stronger. Morgan riddle is a social media influencer with 100 k followers. Meanwhile, Raquel Pedraza did take a break from tennis to raise her son Jordan. She is back on the court with upcoming matches.

 Her fans of Raquel are eager to watch her game. Apart from her relationship status many fans also want to know how much she earns. As a player Raquel Pedraza is impressive. She has proven her talent in several tennis matches. Her earnings are satisfying as her game. 

Through her hard work, she has a net worth of 500 thousand dollars in the last year. As a player from a rich family, her wealth is more than her net worth. According to sources, earning of Raquel is 75,888 dollars. However, the net worth of her ex-husband Taylor Fitz is 3 million. 


Raquel Pedraza is a remarkable tennis player in America. Through her game, she has earned a great fan following. If you are here to read about Raquel the above details can help. 

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