Who Is Lena Headey? Know About The Great GOT Star

Lena Headey
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Internet searches about Lena Headey nude have gone up in recent times and there is a proper reason for that. Lena is already a popular figure in the entertainment industry. However, if you do not know, let me inform you that Lena is an actress from Britain. She rose to the pinnacle of fame for her portrayal of the character of Cersei Lannister on the Game of Thrones. She has bagged numerous nominations for her performance in this series, including one Golden Globe Award nomination and five Primetime Emmy Emmy Award nominations.

In fact, her performance in GOT has been the prime factor which led to the sudden spike in internet searches with expressions like Lena Headey nude GOT. For those who do not know, let me inform you that in the fifth season of the series, Lena was seen doing a nude walk of shame as Cersei Lannister. In fact, this scene became one of the most striking and iconic ones in the entire season. However, she received huge backlash as she denied doing that scene herself and preferred to use Rebecca Van Cleave, her body double. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this fact, then this article is the perfect stop for you. 

Why Lena Opted For A Body Double?

We know that the Lena Headey nude Game of Thornes scene in the fifth season has been a much-discussed topic. Lena spoke about the event in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Recalling the backlash she received for her choice of body double, the actress stated that many people at that time argued that she was ‘less of an actress’ as she denied filming naked. However, she was never against filming naked. Rather, she had a much more logical reason behind using a body double. 

The actress stated that she has done nude scenes earlier too. However, speaking about herself, she claimed that she is a very emotional actress. Therefore, she makes herself emotionally vulnerable in portraying the characters she works on. As a result, the things she does on screen also affect her in some way or the other. Speaking about the nude walk of shame, she stated that being emotionally linked to Cersei, she felt that during the nude walk, she would be very angry. Therefore, she did not want to get angry, which might have affected her performance. 

In addition, she also added that her kids now know who she is and therefore, being naked on screen would have been too much of her. She went on to add that those people who understood these facts, would have no problem with that. 

Why Lena Opted For A Body Double?

The Reason For The Fans’ Unhappiness

Here we are talking about those fans who have read the original books for the series. The original books describe Cersei as someone having stretch marks and a sagging body. Therefore, these fans considered Rebecca Van Cleave’s body as being too hot for the scene. However, Lena stated in the interview that she was not the one who picked Rebecca. She stated that she told the production team to bring in someone to do that scene and had no role to play in casting Rebecca.

Moreover, she also stated that she is not someone to comment on someone’s body, being a woman herself. Therefore, she did not speak about Rebecca’s body at that time, as she considered it to be a hindrance. 

Concluding Lines

Therefore, the internet is buzzing with internet searches about Lena Headey nude pics. However, her walk of shame as Cersei in Game of Thrones has resulted in a widespread debate. The actress has clarified her point. Now we have to see how the audience receives her clarifications.

The Reason For The Fans’ Unhappiness


1. Did Lena Headey use a body double in the GOT nude walk of shame?

Yes. She used Rebecca Van Cleave, as her body double. 

2. How did the fans receive that?

Some fans have voiced their displeasure about it and have slammed the actress for that. 

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