Tips To Decrease Pad Rash

Tips To Decrease Pad Rash

Well, there is no doubt that periods are painful. But, when that happens, something happens that causes a lot of discomfort to almost all women on the planet. And, that is – pad rash. Of course, this is understandable because of the ingredients present in the sanitary napkin. Yes, it has chemicals, plastics, and scents that irritate the skin. However, this doesn’t mean pad rash is an inevitable phenomenon that every woman should see. That’s right, with proper care along with measures, you can manage it like a pro. So, keep reading to know how to handle pad rash.

Frequently change sanitary napkins

Sadly, many believe that only one pad should be used for a day. Well, if you believe that, then it’s time to change it. The truth is, you have to change your pads every 4 to 6 hours. Of course, this largely depends on the brand of the napkin and the flow you are having on that day. In short, using the same pad for a long time can cause pad rash. So, try to frequently change it.

Decrease Pad Rash
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Choose the right pad type

Generally, the regular pads you see on the market have a plastic lining. Well, it’s there to increase the absorbency. However, the same lining is the one that is responsible for getting pad rash. So, if your skin is sensitive or you are at home, go for cloth pads or cotton pads. In this way, you are reducing the risk of getting a rash.

Don’t wear tight clothes

Surely, you must know that skin rashes happen when there is less or no air exposure. Well, the same is true in the case of pad rash. So, when you are in your periods, go for loose-fitting outfits that leave your sensitive skin aerated.

Try corn-starch powder

Of course, you would have heard to use talcum powder when experiencing pad rash. However, this comes with risks of its own. On the other hand, you can avoid all of that with simple plain corn-starch powder. Just apply this in your sensitive region at regular intervals. For starters, it will absorb the sweat and keep the area clean. Also, it reduces the friction between the skin and the pad which causes the pad rash. Furthermore, you won’t get that painful sensation when the pad rubs against your skin as you move throughout the day.

Be clean

Of course, this may sound simple. But, one of the reasons why pad rashes come on your skin is because it’s not clean. For that reason, you need to clean your private area well with water. Yes, it kills the bacteria living in those parts which can cause a rash. In short, the cleaner you are down there, the lesser rashes you will see.

Don’t use vaginal hygiene products

Of course, being clean is important. But, don’t go for vaginal hygiene products during the period. Also, you can use soap to clean around the vaginal area. But, don’t do a deep clean which can irritate the skin. After all, the skin will be sensitive during your periods.

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As you can see, the common problem ‘pad rash’ is more manageable than it looks. So, follow the above tips to say bye to them once and for all. Of course, if the problem persists, you can always ask for a doctor’s advice.

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