5 Custom Tile Patterns for A Personal Touch to Your Space


When designing a space, one of the main goals is to personalise it. You would prefer to inject your sense of style and aesthetic into it so that it reflects your personality and choices. While most people tend to use quirky throw pillows, blankets, funky accessories, dramatic wallpapers, or painted accent walls to add their personal touch, there is one element that is often ignored yet could do wonders.

That element? Tiles!

While tiles are generally considered plain and bland, the reality is quite different. With multiple options available across designs, patterns, colours, material, etc., you can actually customise your place for a unique look. An excellent point to start could be the 3D tiles available in various colours, designs and finishes. While 3D tiles for walls are renowned, you could also deploy 3D tiles for the floor to amp-up your space with those popping out patterns. 

However, it is essential to note that although multiple options are there in innovative tiles, you could also use plain tiles and get creative in laying them on the floor! Mix it up, combine two different tiles be it colour, design or finish, create a checkerboard look – the possibilities are endless. In fact, you can even go for the mix and match tiles of different sizes and shapes to create a custom mosaic effect. The bottom line here is that you can always style the tiles in your character. 

How You Can Amp Up The Aesthetic By Creatively Using Regular Tiles

As mentioned above, simple tiles can be much more than their sum if laid in creative patterns. For that, here are some ways you can amp up your space by using regular tiles innovatively.

Super Versatile Subway Tile

While Subway tiles are pretty easy to install, they are also super versatile. With their timeless look available in multiple colours, it is effortless to get creative with subway tiles in order to create a custom tiled look.

As visible above, the subway tiles have been used in two ways – laid in a brick pattern and a herringbone pattern. This creates a focal point behind the stove that inevitably draws attention.

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A benefit of such great options is that you can create an eye-catching backsplash area by forming random designs with your subway tiles. Uniformity is always excellent. However, here, the more random the design, the more it will draw the eye.

Patterned Porcelain For A Dream Look

Patterned porcelain tiles are super versatile and are available in several. Wood look, floral, geometric, stone look, and brick look – there is a pattern for any design scheme you could think of with this tile! These durable tiles are lightweight and water-resistant, making them an ideal alternative to monotonous paints and fragile wallpapers. In fact, these tiles provide you with a scratch and stain-resistant surface that is fit for creative layout on both walls and floors.

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For instance, the zigzag pattern of this living room is eye-catching that immediately draws attention. These patterns can be paired with simple walls and neutral furniture, creating a space that gives off extremely inviting vibes.

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You can also choose the blue tiles as depicted above, with their Moroccan feel adding calmness to the bathrooms. The statement wall paired with a cheeky nook ensures that the space is not overwhelmed by the busy pattern of the tile.

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Make Your Own Pattern Using Regular Tiles

Having set the foundation with some illustrations of patterns, here are some more patterns that could be brought using regular tiles for your space. 

  • Hexagonal Tile Patterns

Hexagonal tiles are gaining popularity as more and more homeowners are opting for them in their homes. With a bold geometric shape and crisp lines, these tiles give the space a vibrant look. If you want to create intricate patterns, small hexagon tiles can help you there. On the other hand, if you want a more prominent and spacious feel, you can go for the larger tiles.

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Hexagonal tiles work great when used individually. However, you don’t need to restrict yourself as there is ample scope for innovation. For instance, you can add the rustic look of wooden tiles with the patterned hexagonal tiles for a striking look.

  • Monochromatic Geometric Patterns For An Eye-Catching Focal Point

While the word “mono” means one, this rule could be modified when it comes to patterns! Instead of going for a space that is single toned, you can break up the space using a black and white patterned floor while creating a cohesive look. 

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The black and white chequered floor mellows down the space and allows the sofas or any other large object in the room to be the focal point.

  • Touch Of Opulence With Patterned Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are famous for giving a touch of opulence to the spaces. Patterned marble tiles can offer luxury, creativity, and a focal point for the space!

This is illustrated perfectly in the bathroom above, having different shades of blue to create a calming space. The notable aspect here is that the patterned marble tile adds some texture to an otherwise simple space.

From classic to modern patterns, a massive number of designed and patterned tiles are available in the market. They can help you create a space that you envision easily. With such variety, it is now pretty easy to create a custom pattern to suit your needs. The tiles can do an excellent job adding a bold look to the space and forming a focal point.

So, whether you want to lay creative tiles in plain patterns, or plain tiles in innovative patterns, the tiles can help add a touch of drama and luxury to all the spaces, whether they are the focal point or just complement the rest of the décor.