Best Ways to Get TikTok Likes

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TikTok is a social media app for teenagers and young adults that allows users to create, share and watch videos in an easy way. It has been growing rapidly since its launch in August 2017. TikTok is one of the most popular apps used by teenagers and young adults. It has over 500 million monthly active users worldwide, making it the biggest social networking app in India. Creators find TikTok a potential platform to become popular and earn money. But the real challenge that every creator faces is how to get likes on TikTok. Thus, in this article we have discussed a few ways by which you can get TikTok likes on your profile.

1. Make creative videos-

The first and most important step to get likes on TikTok is to make a great video. This is the best way to get quick results as it will get you in front of more people. There are many ways you can do this: by making funny videos, using the right music, or by using the right filters and effects. You can also try out some unique ways of editing your videos like making them look like short films or stop-motion animations. Thus, creativity can really help you to level-up your content’s performance on the platform. And you will enjoy making creative content for the audience, once you know how to do it correctly.

 2. Go through trendy content-

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 If you want to get more followers on TikTok, then it’s time for your next step: go through trending content. Once you have found something interesting, try to learn from it, that is how you can create an interesting content for your audience. Besides, make sure that you don’t just copy the trending content, but try to come up with something of your own, which is unique and exciting. You can take ideas from trending content to generate your fresh content which is exciting in its own form. Consequently, keeping up with trending content is highly necessary to excel on any social media platform, as people love to see what is happening, and they invest most of their time in such content.

3. Be a part of the community-

Search for your favorite creators and go through their profile, like and comment on the posts you like, so that they can feel appreciated. Besides, create duet or collaborative videos with your favorite artists, so that you can know them better, and can get hold of better and newer opportunities. Besides, always respond to your audience whenever they make a comment on your posts, be specific and give reply on time, so that they can know their value in building up your profile. Also, it is good to engage with communities that follow different niches, unlike yours. This way you will have more to explore which is definitely great as a creator. And most importantly you will get an idea about ways that other creators use to get more views and likes. Like many creators buy TikTok views and likes, so you can do the same.

4. Make use of right hashtags- 

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Hashtags are one of the most important tools when it comes to getting likes on TikTok because they help people find your video easily if people are looking for something specific. Keywords allow people to find new content faster than ever before because they use keywords related to what they want to see. It is due to hashtags that most people are able to find their favorite content on social media without struggling much. When you include hashtags in your video, you create more chances to get traffic on your profile. Thus, always try to include relevant hashtags in your posts, to boost your visibility.

5. Use TikTok effects to enhance your content-

TikTok has many popular effects, you can make use of these effects to take your content to a higher level. You can add appealing effects in your content from other’s videos and voice overs. This enhances your visibility on the platform making you more popular. Besides, you can also experiment with creative effects to make in-depth content. However, avoid using plenty of effects in a single content, and only use relevant effects. Using plenty of effects in a single video will make your content look so extra which isn’t liked by the audience. Thus, know what effects will go great with your content, and use them in your video.

6. Be an active creator-

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Being active as a social media creator is essential to become popular. Make sure that you frequently post content on your profile, so that people can see you often. Besides, popular TikTok creators spend their whole day making videos, so you can do the same to boost your activity on the platform. Moreover, being active on social media also means that you must interact with the audience, asking questions and delivering answers is the best way for being active.

7. Write engaging content for every post-

Whenever you post something new on TikTok, make sure that you post it with engaging content. This will give you a great space for adding helpful keywords, relatable quotes, funny lines, and descriptive text that can add more value and meaning to your post. Besides, posts with engaging written content do better than posts that are uploaded without any content or context.  Also, adding relevant hashtags is important, and they are the essential part of your content description. Thus, include a proper description for your posts that explains it well, this is an amazing way for creating super engaging content.


There are actually a lot of things that you can do on TikTok to boost your profile and engagement. TikTok offers a variety of tools and features to let the users create content which is highly appealing and meaningful. Moreover, when you learn about these tools and features, you enjoy creating the content, and you can do it effortlessly. Also, it is great to engage with creators from other communities, by doing this you will get more content to explore, and you can optimize your content by learning from their posts. Being part of a community improves your popularity as well, because the followers of other creators are able to know you. So, this can create a greater possibility for getting more views and likes on your posts.

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