America Ferrera husband: Know about Ryan Piers and the power couple of Hollywood

America Ferrera husband
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America Ferrera husband is Ryan Piers Williams who is an American filmmaker. The couple is perfect for each other as they both share the same interest. Indeed the love for the film of both actors is the reason they began to see each other. When Ferrera was a student at a university, Ryan Piers was making his first post-grad film.

 By casting American Ferrera for his movie his entire life took a sweet turn. Couples date from 2005. After dating for 5 years in 2010 they announced their engagement. In an interview, Ferrera reveals how important cinematic art is for the couple that brought each other closer. 

Sharing their interest which is the love of cinema is the crucial reason for their strong relationship. Let us see more about America Ferrera husband Ryan piers and how the couple enjoys a lovely married life. 

Ferrera husband

Dry Land and other films bring Ferrera and Ryan piers closer 

In 2010 Ferrera and her husband worked together on Dry Land an English drama that also gets a Sundance nomination. America Ferrera husband Ryan piers also co-starred with her in the X/Y drama which was directed by him. Ferrera shares with the audience how great it is to work with her husband who knows her interests. 

Also, she admits to loving the storytelling of Ryan Williams. As an actor, she could understand what her director husband expects of her. In an interview Ferrera confronts how being able to do that for each other brings the couple even closer. However, at one point the one thing that brought the couple closer also ruined their relationship. 

America Ferrera

There is no doubt that William and Ferrera love films but working in Ugly Betty was tough on her personal life. The actress says that playing Ugly Betty is a lifetime opportunity for her. However, the role could have pushed the couple away. As Ferrera and her husband Ryan worked in the movie they only spent a little time together. The actress admits that their relationship was new when she starred in Ugly Betty. Further, after dating for a year they did not get to meet each other for at least three days a week. Ferrera wondered if she does not see him enough will their relationship survive or not? At last, everything went well for the couple. Let us see how America Ferrera husband Ryan William built a life over their dream career. 

America Ferrera and her husband Ryan Williams survive the difficult part of their relationship 

The fact that American Ferrera and her husband Ryan tied the knot in 2011 shows how they survived turmoil in their relationship. Like any other relationship, the couple too had ups and downs. Amidst Ferrera’s newfound fame and William’s busy directing work the couple could not see each other often. Still, they kept their bond strong during the tough time. After having an intimate marriage ceremony in 2011 the couple enjoys a happy life of together

 Also, in 2018 they were blessed with their first child Sebastian. Following the birth of their son, they had their daughter Lucia. The second pregnancy did put the couple in a lot of trouble due to covid. Ferrera shared in a 2020 interview how she was trying to breathe through her fears of covid whilst bearing her child. Misinformation did affect all the new mothers as it lead to more stress and anxiety. Commenting on this matter she says that it is best to stay away from the news cycle at this time. Especially, it can drive pregnant women insane.

Ryan William

Ferrera shares that her anxiety, stress and blood pressure level were high on covid. She tells about trying to follow discipline by not looking at the negative news. The support of her husband Ryan was important for her to get through it. Ferrera shares an incident in the 8th month of pregnancy when her dear husband Ryan surprises her with a zoom party. It is an event that she cherishes and feels joyous about. 

America Ferrera and Ryan William a couple who share the same interest and a long-lasting love 

Apart from their love for films the couple shares another interest which is advocacy. Due to this passion, Ferrera and her husband join hands to support a nonprofit community. The harness is the name of the firm that inspires cultural organizers. Couples who work together stay together Ferrera and Ryan is a perfect example of it. As of 20121, the couple shares a 16-year-long strong bond. On Instagram Ferrera praises the love of her life through a sweet post. Working and growing together has indeed helped the couple build a life. Their fans just wish for more years of togetherness for American Ferrera and her husband. 

Ryan Piers William


America Ferrera husband is Ryan Piers Williams. Take a look at the above article to know more about the strong and lovely relationship of the couple. 

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