Why a Dog Daycare is a Good Idea for Your Pet

Why a Dog Daycare is a Good Idea for Your Pet

As an owner of a pet dog, you always think the best for your pet, whether it comes to choice of food, veterinary care, dog toys or a dog daycare near your home. You walk the tightrope as you want the best value for the money spent on your dog.

A dog daycare serves as an ideal place to put your dog for short or long durations when you are away from home, and experts are of the view that this actually works in the interest of the dogs.

Good dog daycare

A well-run daycare has trained staff that understands the body language and behaviour of dogs.

Safe and supervise play

It provides a safe wipes for your pet and supervised play area where dogs can have fun and stay safe with high energy levels and temperament.

Social interaction

Dogs are social creatures and seek the company of other dogs for social contact and mental stimulation.

Flexibility for dog owners

Dog daycare works best for owners who have odd work schedules or occasional dog care needs.

Substitute on a busy day

Owners typically take out their dogs for a walk twice a day and intersperse it with play and training activities. However, on days when they have a busy schedule, leaving their dogs in a dog daycare is a brilliant idea.

Taking care of problem behaviours

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety – a condition where the dog feels abandoned during the absence of the owner, actually feel better in a dog daycare where they are surrounded by other dogs and people.

The flip side of a dog daycare

There are some negative aspects too of a dog daycare. Firstly, it is not suitable for older dogs and young puppies, or for dogs that have behaviour problems and are not sociable. Secondly, there are chances that dogs pick up wrong habits like jumping up on people or furniture. Thirdly and importantly, dogs may get into fights with each other and may end up bruising one other, orbiting one another. Last but not least, there are chances of your dog coming in contact with other dogs that have kennel cough, puppy warts or fleas.

However, with pet insurance, going to the vet won’t cause you stress or any issues. If any problems at dog daycare occur, they can be solved very quickly without costing too much.

Choosing the ideal dog daycare

By taking a few simple steps you can choose an ideal dog daycare

Trained staff

Choose a dog daycare that has staff trained in pet first aid, dog body language and stress signals, and safe play, taking care in emergencies and how to handle fighting dogs.

Staff to dog ratio

There should be more staff to handle dogs. The place should have no fewer than 2 people and the maximum ratio should be 15 dogs per person.

Structure and set-up

The structure and space should be large enough to allow the dogs enough space to play and run properly. There should be large as well as smaller rooms.

Outdoor opportunities

This is required especially to allow dogs fenced are for walking.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Choose a dog daycare that is clean and hygienic. The surroundings should be disinfected daily. Diseases can spread easily in dogs and treatment can be expensive. Ideally, the daycare should be free of smells and odours.

Evaluations and references

A dog daycare that asks questions about your dog’s health and behaviour is recommended as they can ensure that they handle your dog properly. Answer all questions by sharing as much information as possible. Also, ask the dog daycare about references.


It is not easy to choose the best solution to take care of your dog while you are going away on business travel or vacation.

As you are a true dog lover and want the best for your dog it makes sense to use the services of a good and reliable dog daycare near your home. It will be easy on your pocket and will also save you the time to drop and pick up your dog form the dog daycare. However, before zeroing in on a dog daycare near your home do check them out first, especially references.

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