Best Headphone For Music Lover And Gamer


Once and for all music adventure, you want a fantastic pair of ear phones. Locating the right ear phones isn’t a simple undertaking, so you’ll want to perform lots of research.

SoundMagic BT

The BT features solid amp so you can further raise the amounts, higher compared to your mobiles max volume. The BT features a bigger battery pack when compared to a normal one which gives it a much better battery lifetime.

SoundMagic BT

The SoundMagic is retailing at a cheap than it was established for, making it a terrific choice to consider if you’d like the best wireless Bluetooth ear phone under 2000 at India. The Bluetooth and battery module are in-line with the cable therefore the BT have become lightweight and light.


  • 13.5 mm Audio Driver
  • 20 Hz-20 kHz Operating Frequency
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • 10-12 Hours battery life

The in-line battery is just a special addition to this BT which, allows for a larger capacity and also this can make the battery performance very striking. It’s going to last for more than 10 Hours of continuous usage. The in-line volume toggle amps up the telephone volume within the max limit for louder sound reproduction. This will be the best choice Best Earphones under 1000.

The vocals in the BT are very clear. The noises are rich and perhaps not over-warm, as a result of a wider mid-range. The bass sounds firm and decent, they aren’t overpowered but are thumpy enough. This results in a pleasant hearing experience.

The connecting wire between both earbuds is too long and some times causes aggravation.

The quality isn’t the best in category and could’ve been better with a design choice.

Boat Rockerz 210

They sport a Qualcomm CSR8640 chip that harmonizes only and multiple notes which is actually a good feature rarely found in Bluetooth earphones under 2000.

The Boat Rockerz 2-10 are great fitting inear headphones that offer productivity throughout workouts and also don’t arrive from the way. Read our pros and pitfalls of those ear phones further.

The Boat Rockerz 210 are perspiration, water, and dustproof. This makes them perfect for workouts and swimmingpool.

The battery lasts a full 8 hours and awarded the bass-driven sound output it’s very notable.

The bass to the Rockerz 210 sounds excellent. The thump is perfect and you can get it to pump up you with great sounding EDMs at the Gym.

The Boat Rockerz 2-10 game dual pairing so it is possible to utilize two devices at exactly the exact same time and see calls with you and play with music with the other together with smart cross over.

Boat Rockerz 210


  • 10mm Dynamic Driver
  • CSR8640 Sound Chip
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Over 8 Hours of Battery Life

The Boat Rockerz 210 is also installed for 3.5millimeter jack input which will help once you run out of battery. If you are looking for headphone then you can choose Best Headphones Under 3000

The Vocals don’t seem as clear as the EDMs along with other devices. These really are unfit for video or movies music.

Even the mids and trebles are also lacking lustre and we wished they were better implemented.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone

Leaf Studio was fabricating some impeccable ear phones in the past few weeks and also the Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone has interesting capabilities.

Lightweight, functionality and bass. Having an abysmal diaphragm, it is inclined to outperform many of its competitors in these segments and because of this company for making it available in such an affordable price.

Compatible using Andoid and I-OS mobiles, Leaf Ear Bluetooth Ear phone weighs only 15 g making it possible for everybody to have this pair round. The ear buds fit perfectly and do not block your ear canal completely making it even more comfortable. There is also a LED telling to signify the charging degrees.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone

Together with 32 Ohms of impedance, Leaf Ear earphones make sure you receive a stunning sound quality that is rich in bass and treble.

There is a good difference between the highs, mids, and high. As a result of a exc20Hz to a 20kHz frequency ring that’s absolutely seamless.

All these in ear headphones have a good noise cancellation system that helps only your music to reach to your ears also gets rid of any irritating background sound or noise.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone is powered by 100 mAh of the battery that takes just 1.5 hours to control but can send a playback period of 7+ hours.

Leaf Ear Bluetooth Earphone has a sensitivity of 101dB(+/-3)dB and exclusive sound quality available for its consumers. Innovative design and sophisticated finish, this ear phone has a nano-coating technology for water and sweat proof effectiveness. Tactile onetouch buttons can shoot your calls, change music and adjust the amount.

You may be Thrilled to know that this Leaf earphone has 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity that’ll provide effortless music streaming ability without any interruptions.