4 Top Questions About Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

4 Top Questions About Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines

If you are looking into upgrading your semi-automatic pallet wrapping setup by adding an Melbpack wrapping machine to your production line, you’ll have questions. It’s a sizeable and important investment, so make sure you’re in the know before you take the next step. 

Let’s look at some of the key questions you may have. 

What types of automatic pallet wrapping machines are available?

There are a few types of fully automatic pallet wrappers. Firstly, they come with the options of a rotating arm or turntable wrappers. A rotating arm wrapper keeps the pallet stationary while it’s wrapped. The turntable wrapper has a platform that rotates, and in this way, the pallet gets wrapped.  If you’re working with lighter loads, or need to move the machinery around with ease, opt for the turntable wrapper. If speed is a priority, or you’re working with unstable loads, the rotating arm will serve you better. 

Consider the benefits of the following options too:

Rotary ring automatic pallet wrappers: These only rotate the carriage. They are compact machines and reduce film costs compared to conventional rotary arm and turntable stretch wrappers because they can start and stop the cycle at any point on the load. 

Conveyorised rotary arm: These eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped and are often used in line with the rest of the packaging line. 

Conveyorised turntable: This system features a compact design and works effectively for tight-fitting applications. It is also flexible and economical. 

Do I need to upgrade to a fully automatic machine? 

Automatic machines are more suitable for high-volume users. Semi-automatic pallet stretch wrap machines are commonly used by businesses with smaller packaging demands. If your target is about 20 pallets a day, a semi-automatic setup will be sufficient. But there’s no need to get rid of it if you do choose to upgrade. It would be best to consider keeping it when you buy an automatic pallet wrapper because you can use it to complement your infrastructure. For example, you can use a semi-automatic machine for repacking pallets.

If you are a high-volume packer, you may consider investing in two or three semi-automatic machines instead of one automatic machine. It may cost you less and will give you volume flexibility. As less complex machines, they need less maintenance too. 

What is the benefit of a fully automatic machine?

They improve productivity compared to semi-automatic pallet wrappers because they eliminate the operator’s need to get off the forklift. The person operating the forklift can place the item to be wrapped on the pallet, press the remote button on the forklift, and the machine will attach the film, and wrapping will begin. Once completed, the film is automatically tied off and secured. This is a seamless and easy process from start to finish. With less movement on and off machines, there is also a reduction in risks of work-site injuries. 

How do I know it’s a ‘true’ automatic machine?

Some semi-automatic machines can indeed have features and gadgets added to give machines additional automation. If a wrapper is genuinely automatic, you’ll be able to tell. An automated machine will automatically assess and locate the package and apply the film in the correct position. A semi-automatic will also not wipe down, tuck, or seal the film at the end of the cycle. Ask yourself the following questions. If the answer is yes to all of them, your machine is fully automatic. 

  • Does the machine hold the film’s tail? 
  • Can it operate on its own to attach the stretch film to the load? 
  • Does it wrap the product based on the settings applied on the panel?
  • Does it cut the stretch film from the pallet load and secure it with a clamp? 
  • Does it apply the tail end of the stretch film to the load?

Automatic pallet wrapping machines are a great asset to any business that ships products. If you pick the best one for your unique business needs you’ll enjoy cost and time-saving benefits almost immediately.