Who Is Chace Crawford Wife? Married Life, Age, Relationship, Family, Net Worth

Rachel Bilson is Not Chace Crawford Wife
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Rachel Bilson is not Chace Crawford wife, the actress recently clarified in a candid interview. What’s more, she even went on to say that the two have never even dated in the past. This statement is completely going against the rumors which surfaced a few years ago about the pair dating.

In the same interview, she jokingly pined for her ex Bill Hader and then went on to reveal her past and present crushes. Interestingly, one of the guests in the interview was Crawford himself and the two had a rather honest heart-to-heart. 

Rumors Dismissed

However, the two actors do have a lot of things in common. Bilson used to star in the early 2000s soapy teen drama The O.C., playing the role of Summer Roberts. Crawford starred in the early 2010’s drama series Gossip Giril as Nate Archibald.

Both shows were obscenely popular with teenagers and young adults back in the day. And it was around this time that several rumors of Bilson and Crawford being sweethearts rose to the surface. During the recent interview, Bilson chose to address those old rumors and clarify that she had never dated the latter in her life. 

The rumors began just as they usually do. According to Bilson, some random guy saw them both talking. They immediately assumed that Rachel and Chace were hooking up. The news spread like wildfire overnight and people began speculating over time.

Bilson’s publicist came up to her one day and simply asked her if what the people were saying was true. Since she was on a break from a very serious relationship at that time, Bilson asked her publicist to kill the story. It was not easy, but the rumors died down after some time. 

Rumors Dismissed

But She did have a Crush

The timing of the relationship tells us it could be Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen, but once again this could be speculation. They were indeed dating in 2007 before taking a break three years later, but the couple got back again after that. In the year 2017, they ended things for good. Bilson and Christensen share a child. 

Coming back to the original rumors, Bilson had her publicist release a public statement that she was not dating Crawford. But it was worded rather harshly and Bilson naturally felt a bit bad for Crawford.

After all, he did not have any hand in spreading the rumors around. Crawford for his part took it like a gentleman and even laughed it off during the interview. He said he never realized all this went down behind his back. It would have been a rather thrilling affair if the media thought they were dating. 

Towards the end, Rachel did reveal that she had developed a crush on Crawford at one point in time. She admits to trying to steal his attention with one of her friends during a night out in New York. Now that both the actors are very much single, perhaps they can take that chance.

We cannot begin to tell you just how many long-lasting relationships have begun with admittance to past crushes. Furthermore, both Rachel Bilson and Chace Crawford are extremely successful, extremely good-looking people who might fall in love with the right amount of luck. Who knows, we may start hearing the engagement rumors soon enough. 

But She did have a Crush
Credit: Glamour


1. Who is Chace Crawford wife 2021?

Chace Crawford is still single as of 2021. 

2. Is Chace Crawford wife Alex?

To date, there is no piece of news that states he dates or is dating someone named Alex. 

3. Where does Chace Crawford live?

He lives in Lubbock.

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