Who Is Monica Lewinsky? Things To Know About The US Activist

Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky whom we also know as Monica Samille Lewinsky is a very popular US activist, TV personality, fashion designer, and internet sensation. In fact, she has also become popular for being a White House intern for some time. People know her the best as someone who has always stood up for bullying, especially cyberbullying. In fact, Monica is regarded as a public face concerning a protest against the heinous form of cybercrime. 

So, you might know her because she was in the headlines due to her relationship with President Bill Clinton when he was in office. In fact, at that point in time, Monica worked at the White House as an intern, just after earning a degree in Psychology. If you are curious to know about Monica’s life, then you are at the right place, as we will share all sorts of facts about this amazing personality. So, now’s the time to look forward to this article, and find out about Monica’s life. 

Who Is Monica Lewinsky?

Who Is Monica Lewinsky?

According to the reports, Monica Lewinsky has become popular for being a fascinating personality from the USA. Mainly she is known to the general public for her association with several anti-bullying campaigns related to cybercrime. So, it’s worth noting that Monica was born in the year 1973, on the 23rd of July, in San Francisco, Southern California, USA. She is a US citizen, and follows the Russian Jewish religion, as the sources tell. Moroever, based on her birth date, Monica’s zodiac sign is Leo. 

Monica reportedly went to John Thomas Dye School in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, and later to Beverly Hills High School for her secondary school in Beverly Hills, California. In fact, she has also gone to several colleges. Reports tell us that Monica is a graduate of Pacific Hills School in West Hollywood, California. 

Additionally, she also went to Santa Monica Community College in the USA. As mentioned above, she holds a degree in Psychology. Following her graduation, Monica became an intern at the White House, and that’s how he met President Bill Clinton. People generally know Monica for her relationship with Bill Clinton. 

However, apart from that she has also carved her own identity by becoming a social worker. She has become the voice of millions who suffer from cyberbullying. As such, she raised a lot of campaigns against this sort of bullying. In addition, she is also regarded as a TV personality and fashion designer. 

Who Is Monica Lewinsky Husband?

Monica Lewinsky’s relationship status has become a hot topic of conversation these days, following her affair with Bill Clinton. In fact, she came under the leadlines a lot of times for this reason. Nonetheless, many readers want to know whether Monica is in a relationship or not. According to the reports, the famous US activist, and fashion designer, Monica, is not in any relationship, and thus, she doesn’t have a husband. 

In fact, she never married at all. While there are rumors that her husband’s name is Andy Blieler, it’s only a rumor at this point with no concrete evidence. In fact, she was in a relationship with Andy for a brief period, as the reports tell us.

Who Is Monica Lewinsky Husband?

Is Monica Lewinsky Married?

As of late, a lot of people have been asking, “Is Monica Lewinsky married?”. So, let us tell you that the US celebrity figure, Monica hasn’t tied the knot to anybody. In fact, she has refused to speak much about her personal life. As such, it’s safe to guess that she doesn’t have anyone in her life right now. However, if we do get some details, then we will share them with you later. 

How Old Is Monica Lewinsky 

According to the reports, Monica Lewinsky was born in 1973 on the 23rd of July in California, USA to her lovely parents. She belongs to an opulent house, as many people have mentioned. So, as we can tell from the date of birth, Monica’s current age is around 50 years. She turned 50 this year on the 23rd of July. Additionally, fans may also like to know that her zodiac sign, based on her date of birth is Leo. 

Where Is Monica Lewinsky Now?

So, where is Monica Lewinsky today? This is the pertinent question whose answer people have been searching for a while now. A lot of people may like to know that Monia Lewinsky disappeared for a long time after the scandal with Bill Clinton. In fact, it’s worth noting that she was involved in a sex scandal with the former president of the USA. 

According to the reports, she was having an affair with him, but the news about them being in a sexual relationship was leaked. After that, she makes the headlines. But, eventually, she came out of that relationship.

So, in 2014, she finally returned to the public lie, after almost a decade of laying low from the public. At the moment, she uses the social media platform for a good effect. According to Monica, she wants to help people who experienced cyberbullying. So, that’s exactly what she does right now. She was able to share her story with everyone, and she has finally come out of a sensitive place. Monica Lewinsky now wants to help everyone who is facing bullying. 

Where Is Monica Lewinsky Now?

Monica Lewinsky’s Net Worth

So, a lot of people want to know about Monica’s net worth. While it’s not confirmed, Monica Lewinsky net worth is around 1.5 million USD. She is a very famous businessperson and a fashion designer, and as such, she has made a lot of money. 

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